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Document Management Software Review 2017

Top 10 Document Management Software SolutionsWhen it comes to finding the best electronic Document Management Software Solution comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 document management software, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Top Document Management Software Reviews 2017

 Product ReviewedDocument
ToolsHelp & Support 
5 Star ReviewM-Files DMSCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This Service99%97%
5 Star ReviewDocPoint PersonalCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer Service98%96%
5 Star RevieweFileCabinetCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This Service98%97%
5 Star ReviewPinPointPinPointCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This Service98%97%
5 Star ReviewPaperPort ProCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This Service98%98%
5 Star ReviewFileCenter ProCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This Service97%98%
5 Star ReviewDokeemee HomeCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer Service97%96%
5 Star ReviewBlueDocRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This Service96%92%
4.5 Star ReviewSpeedy OrganizerRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer Service95%96%
4.5 Star RevieweDocXL ProCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer Service95%94%
4.5 Star ReviewPaperlessCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer Service95%95%
4.5 Star ReviewDEVONthink Pro OfficeCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer Service94%89%

Later Document Management Software Companies Reviews: OpenKM, Alfresco, Krystal, eFileCalinet, Templafy, M-Files, FileHold, Docuware, infoRouter, Filestack, DigitalDrawer, XaitPorter, Dokmee, Agiloft, Zoho, Dampdocs

Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need an online Document Management Solutoin or pricing please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business.

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10 Best Tips for Buying Document Management Software

A paperless office shouldn’t include a filing cabinet, and more and more businesses around the world are replacing those cabinets with a document management system. A great document management software system manages your files and documents securely and will maximize workflow and collaboration in your company. So before you buy a document management system for your business, read these 10 tips to ensure you’re choosing the right one.

1. Determine Your Needs

Before you even begin comparing document management software, you need to figure out exactly what you need from a DMS. Do you scan images? Do you need to access your files from remote locations? Engage your staff members and any other relevant personnel to help make a list of current issues, needs, and projected goals for the business. This way, you know what features matter most to your company and can ensure the DMS you choose will meet your needs.

2. Collaboration Is Key

Look for a DMS that makes collaboration with others easy. Whether you’re working with employees on-site or sharing documents with partners off-site, a good DMS product will allow your staff to work and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere and on various platforms.

3. A Simple User Interface

No matter what your needs may be, you don’t want a DMS that is difficult to learn how to use. Your document management software should have a user-friendly interface that you and anyone else using the system can learn quickly. Be sure to check out reviews for the software you’re considering to get first-hand accounts of the DMS’s usability.

4. Keep Integration in Mind

Do you have other software that you frequently use in your company? Whether it’s Microsoft Office, SalesForce, or Sage, if you use other software, you should look for a DMS that integrates with these platforms. You want something that makes your life easier—not something that requires you to be constantly switching back and forth between programs. Seamless integration with essential third-party programs is a must-have feature for any DMS you purchase.

5. Remote Access

Even if you don’t have a consistent need to access your document remotely, you should still consider this feature when purchasing a DMS. Situations can always arise in which you need a document while you’re away from the office—when you’re travelling, attending a business meeting, on vacation, etc. Even if you only need to use it upon occasion, it can still be well worth it to ensure your DMS makes remote access to your documents possible.

6. Simplified Workflow

The best rated document management software is more than just a digital filing cabinet—it will keep your business organized and make sure that your files and documents are on the right track while in-transit. Workflow features should always be easily adaptable and open to growth; it should help you manage your business by truly helping you manage your files and documents. Explore the workflow functions and capabilities of any DMS you’re considering before making a purchase.

7. Advanced Security Features

You can never place too much emphasis on the security of your files and documents, so this should be your top priority when choosing the best DMS for your business. The software you use should have a rigorous security system that will protect all of the data from your files and documents with passwords and high-level encryption both in-transit and at rest.

8. User Permissions

You should also make sure that the DMS you purchase has administrative control options; this will give you complete control over which users have access to which documents and folders, giving you an added level of security and simplifying the users’ experiences. This is a must-have feature if you intend to have several users in your document management system on a daily basis.

9. Automatic Backup

One of the huge problems with paper systems is the propensity to lose or misplace files; the last thing you want is for a system crash to replicate that problem with your DMS solution. Choose a DMS that has automatic backups to ensure that you don’t lose data that is integral to your business.

10. Other Advanced Features

If you’re really looking for a high-level DMS that simplifies your business, then you should look for certain advanced features that make it stand out above the competition. Depending on your needs, this may include features like action-based file retention, audit trails, file versioning, and Zonal OCR capabilities. Such features can greatly increase the return you get on your DMS investment over time.


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Electronic DMS Buying Advice

Businesses today are generating a lot of documents that need to be stored and managed in an adequate electronic Document Management System. Online Document management solutions and web-based software are a computer system that is used to manage all of your businesses documents regardless of their format. It should be able to file away pdf, spreadsheets, databases, images, videos and photographs if necessary and also be able to store all files securely and safely. All document management systems have components that include:

  • storage and retrieval of all documents generated
  • indexing capabilities so files can be stored in the right categories
  • metadata for each file so the computer can instantly recognise how you want to store or retrieve a document
  • a secure environment against corruption and hacking

The system may capture documents from scanners or directly from the computers of employees and the documents need to be accessed and changed and then stored again.

Electronic storing of documents and data is not open to human error and a file cannot be misplaced and never found. The documents can be stored by date and maker or a number of other categories that are determined by the business management. Your document management system can also be controlled by a third party and stored off premises in a database. This is another thing to consider, you can look at hiring a management system firm to look after your documents in a safe and secure facility. If you are generating millions of documents each year and don’t have the ability to store them onsite this can be a great way to manage your documents.

One piece of advice to make sure you use is to look at the experience of the provider of the system and the security they are offering you. You do not want any unauthorized access of your files or them to be corrupted by a virus attack. A good document management system can save time and therefore money and have your staff spending more time working and less time managing document storage.

Another consideration before buying web-based document management systems is to check the flexibility of the system. As your business grows you need to know that extra features can be added to the system if necessary. All of this means that you get the best system available for your field of business.

One last suggestion on Electronic Document Management Software comparisons or document management system reviews on software is to look at the after sales service and support that is provided to you. There should be some time offered for free support and service to ensure that all staff are up and running with the new system. You also don’t want to have downtime where documents are not being managed and may get lost. Along with this you need a good return for your investment as some of these systems are not cheap.

Document Management Software Prices

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