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Best Modular Buildings Review 2017

Top 10 Best Modular Building ReviewBig or Small – When it comes to finding a Modular Building comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 modular building suppliers, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

Top Modular Building Reviews 2017

 Modular Building CompanyOverall ScoreYears in BusinessBBB AccreditedRequest Multiple Competitive Quotes
Pacific Mobile Structures97.8%1985Yes
Mod Space97.4%2003Yes
mspace-logoM SPACE Holdings97.4%2000No
Williams Scotsman97.3%1980Yes
Vanguard Modular96.8%1998Yes
Triumph Modular96.7%1981No
Design Space Modular Buildings96.7%1969Yes
Meehleis Modular95.2%1991No
Palomar Modular Buildings95.1%1989No

Other Top Ranking Modular Buildings and companies: Mobile Modular, Whitley Manufacturing, and Universal Modular Building Solutions.

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Tip on Buying Modular Buildings

Portable and modular buildings are good for both temporary and permanent use. Modular buildings are basically pre-manufactured buildings and are made using pre-fabricated materials. They are used for various purposes and some of these include:

  • Church buildings
  • Sales office
  • Construction office building
  • Classrooms
  • Special event offices
  • Lunch rooms and more

You can choose to either lease a modular building or buy one. For example if you are building a classroom in a remote area, it’s probably best to buy one instead of leasing it.

Extra Costs to Consider When Buying Modular Buildings

When most people are buying modular buildings, they merely factor in the retail price without giving much thought to the extra costs. Well, we have these laid out for you below and it’s important to note that these extra costs are not just for those who are buying portable buildings but renting as well.

  • Delivery: You will have to pay for the delivery of the modular building and the return delivery as well if you have rented or leased. The supplier or manufacturer of the modular building delivers the modular sections to your site and this is an extra charge. The costs vary depending on the modules, the location of delivery and access to your site. This could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Installation: Installation charges sometimes not included in the sale and the costs will depend on the size of the building. Installation involves creating a foundation, setting up the modules, interconnecting them, weatherproofing and finishing the interior. You may also require extra installations such as handicap access ramps, walkways and stairs which will cost extra. This too could cost thousands of dollars.
  • Permits and Utilities: You need to factor in the permit and utility costs. This is information freely available at the building department and your modular supplier could also give you estimates.

Buying Modular Buildings: Manufacturer or Dealer?

There are two ways to acquire a modular building and you can either contact the manufacturer directly or use a dealer. There are various advantages that come with buying from one or the other.

While most people think that buying from the manufacturer cuts the chain of supply hence the costs, this isn’t always true. Sometimes a dealer could be beneficial especially if you are building a small project. If for example the manufacturer is not located in your vicinity, you will need to accrue other costs such as transportation or shipping. With a dealer, this is a cost that you will not acquire. While the buying price from the manufacturer is obviously cheaper, you could eventually end up paying more making purchasing from a dealer the cheaper option. In some cases a direct purchase is cheaper especially when you have a large building project. This is because you get to eliminate the middle man.

Modular Building Review

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