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Best Ultrasound Review 2017

Top 10 ReviewWhen it comes to finding Ultrasound Machines comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 ultrasound products, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Top Ultrasound Machine Review 2017

 Ultrasound MachineManufacturer Overall RatingRequest to Compare Prices
ProSound Alpha 6 Untrasound Machine by Hitachi ReviewProSound Alpha 6 Hitachi Aloka Medical5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
ProSound 3500SX Ultrasound Machine by HitachiProSound 3500SX Hitachi Aloka Medical5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
iU22 xMATRIX by PhilipsiU22 xMATRIXPhilips5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
ProSound Alpha 10 by Hitachi ReviewsProSound Alpha 10 Hitachi Aloka Medical5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
HD11 XE Ultrasound by Philips ReviewHD11 XE Ultrasound Philips5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
Tellus UF-870AG by Fukuda DenshiTellus UF-870AG Fukuda Denshi5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
SonoAce X8 Ultrasound Machine by SamsungSonoAce X8 Ultrasound Samsung4.5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
Acccuvix V20 by SamsungAcccuvix V20 Samsung4.5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
SSD-900 Ultrasound by Hitachi Aloka MEdicalSSD-900 Untrasound Hitachi Aloka Medical4.5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing
UF-810XTD by Fukuda DenshiUF-810XTD Fukuda Denshi4.5 Star ReviewCompare Reviews and Pricing

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Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need equipment for your medical office or prices please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business.

Buying Tips for Ultrasound Machines

An ultrasound machine is an absolute necessity for some medical offices and certain specializations, and be a great value-added asset for many other doctors in a wide range of practice areas. While the decision to purchase an ultrasound machine is often easy to make, though, getting a machine that fits your practice’s needs—in terms of function, budget, and return on investment—can be easier said than done.

We’ve compiled a few tips that will help you select the right ultrasound machine for your medical practice. From capability and ease-of-use to price and value for both you and your patients, here are the most important considerations when it comes to choosing and purchasing your ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound Machine ComparisonNew vs. Used: A Price and Functionality Tradeoff There have been some significant advances in ultrasound machines since they were first developed, including improved image clarity on monitor and oscilloscope displays, color and 3D display capabilities, newer and often more flexible input and storage devices, and more. Older and used ultrasounds are still perfectly adequate for many uses, though, and can cost a fraction of newer and fancier machines.

Cost savings can be attractive, and if you have only minimal and basic ultrasound needs an older machine might be the better buy. On the other hand, newer machines provide more accurate results for many uses, and are preferred by physicians and patients in many areas of specialty. If a used or older ultrasound doesn’t add the value to your practice you’re hoping to get, it’s not a good purchase no matter how low the cost—go newer instead.

Portability and Compatibility: Used ultrasound machines might not be compatible with other equipment and software in use in your office, and compatibility is an important consideration when purchasing new machines, as well. Even ultrasounds of the same brand as accessories and other equipment might not be compatible with these external devices, so be sure you understand what your ultrasound will need to connect to in order to provide the full functionality you’re after, and make sure it will play nicely with everything else in your office.

Portability is a great value-added benefit of many newer and smaller ultrasound machines, and can make procedures easier for you and more comfortable for your patients. If you expect to use your ultrasound frequently and with a variety of patients and complaints, paying a little extra for a more portable unit might be wise.

Ultrasound Machine Price Comparison: Price should be the last thing you look at in your ultrasound machine. Determine everything you need it to do and the value it will add to your practice, and then look at price to find the right match. You can find used ultrasounds for $6-7,000, and new models with comprehensive functionality can cost $40,000 or more yet still pay for themselves in a matter of months, depending on your use.

Determine what you need and purchase accordingly, don’t limit yourself to a certain price and end up with less value for you and your patients.

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Ultrasound Machine Review March 29, 2015