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Top 10 Spray Paint BoothsWhen it comes to finding a professional spray paint booth, comparing quotes is crucial to getting a top-quality product for the lowest price.

We have taken the time to gather detailed information on the top 10 spray paint booth manufacturers including user reviews and buying tips and made it easy to find the best price from companies in your area.

Top Spray Paint Booth Reviews

  Company Year FoundedAutomotive Booth OptionsCompare Features & Prices
5 Star ReviewBlowtherm LogoBlowtherm USA1956Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewGlobal Finishing Solutions LogoGlobal Finishing Solutions1975Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewCol Met Finishing Solutions LogoCol-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions2000Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewCompliant Paint Booths LogoCompliant Paint BoothsN/ACheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewNova Verta Spray Booths LogoNova VertaN/ACheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewGarmat SPray BoothsGarmat USA1988Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewEagle Equipment LogoEagle Equipment1954Red X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewStandard Tools and Equipment LogoStandard Tools and Equipment1979Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewSpray Both Supplies LogoSprayBoothSupplies.comN/ACheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewPaint Booth Maintenance LogoPaint Booth Maintenance Services1996Red X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewSpray Systems Inc. LogoSpray Systems Inc.1977Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices

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Spray Paint Booths

Painting an automobile is a meticulous process that requires surefire precision – the first time and every time. And if you make your business on automotive body detailing and repairs, then you will want to make sure you have the right tools and equipment necessary to give your clients the best possible service. You could go all out – buy the best sprayers, use the highest quality paint, and offer the best prices in town – but if you don’t have the proper vehicle spray paint booth, you may not be able to provide such a premium product.

Whether you’re merely doing sectional touch-ups or a full body overhaul, there are several tricky factors to consider when it comes to painting an automobile. And buying a quality vehicle spray paint booth means you’re making a smart and long term investment in your business, ensuring each customer receives the very best.

Top Considerations When Buying a Vehicle Spray Paint Booth

Choosing a vehicle spray paint booth means you’re dropping a considerable amount of your business’s investment dollars into a long term asset. Such a decision should not be made lightly or without proper research. So before you go thinking all vehicle spray paint booths are the same, consider these important factors that may influence your final decision.

  • How large should my booth be? Many brands offer a variety of sizes in order to handle a range of vehicles from sedans to trucks. Make sure you’re taking into consideration both the scope of work you do currently, as well as any potential growth opportunities by purchasing a booth that opens up more capabilities.
  • Do I have space for a spray booth? There are a number of different types of spray paint booths out there to accommodate large and small spaces.
  • Can I only paint with my booth? Some booths do offer the ability to perform powder coatings with proper temperature regulation and control. If you currently offer this service in addition to vehicle painting or have been interested in branching out and offering this service, be sure to ask whether or not your booth supplier can offer you such a product.
  • Can I regulate air currents with my booth? Technological advancements have made spraying a vehicle or part a breeze – literally – with airflow directional control options to limit the amount of airborne disturbances in the finished product. Many booths offer a down-directional flow but there are others that offer semi-draft or side draft, also.

While many booths are fairly straight forward in what they offer and how they function, there are a few brands that have customizable options and additional features that can help make your job easier. Be sure to know your business goals and how you can offer the optimum services to your customers when looking for a booth. There may be a specific feature you could capitalize on.

Top Brands for Your Next Spray Paint Booth

● Global Finishing Solutions – GFS covers a massive range of industries by offering paint booths and various finishing service equipment. The company has a knowledge of paint booths that is second to none as they develop and engineer custom booths in addition to their off-the-shelf models. It’s no wonder they refer to themselves as “the world leader in paint booth technology.”
● Col-Met – Delivering high-quality paint booths, powder coating booths, ovens, and components, among other finishing equipment, Col-Met seemingly has everything you could need to outfit your shop with a proper finishing lab.
● Nova Verta – Nova Verta has established itself as a solutions expert for all your spray booth needs. The company provides a wide range of booths for general automobiles to specialty vehicles and even offer small-item booths and mobile-ready, transportable booths.
● Garmat – Placing a high emphasis on creating an “ecologically responsible” product, Garmat engineers a safe and reliable booth with various models to cater to your specific needs.

As with any brand, be sure to ask questions regarding the service, warranty, or installation of your booth. Some brands offer service packages, additional replacement components, or limited warranties to offer the best deal possible. This added value could be all the difference your business needs to ensure you offer the best service possible so be sure to find out who will go the extra mile.

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