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Best Table Saw Review of 2018

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When it comes to finding a Top Rated Table Saw comparing quotes is the key to getting the best product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top table saws and saw bench products, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price on table saw.


Top Table Saws Review 2018

Overall RatingManufacturerTable Saw Model
Motor AmpsWeightBest PriceCompare on
5 Star ReviewBosch 4100-09 Table SawBosch 4100-0925"15.0 Amps60 lbs$499Compare on Amazon
5 Star ReviewCraftsman Evolv 28461 Table SawCraftsman Evolv 2846125"15.0 Amps50 lbs$121Compare on Amazon
5 Star ReviewDewalt DW745 Table SawDewalt DW74520"15.0 Amps48 lbs$557Compare on Amazon
5 Star ReviewRockwell Bladerunner X2Rockwell Bladerunner X210"15.0 Amps15 lbs$89Compare on Amazon
5 Star ReviewHitachi C1ORJ Table SawHitachi C1ORJ35"15.0 Amps67 lbs$329Compare on Amazon
5 Star ReviewDewalt DWE7480XA Table SawDewalt DWE7480XA24"15.0 Amps48 lbs$429Compare on Amazon
5 Star ReviewRyobi RTS10G Table SawRyobi RTS10G10"15.0 Amps47 lbs$216Compare on Amazon

How to Find the Best Table Saw- What Our Reviews Found When We Compared Top Models

A table saw, also called a saw bench is essentially a circular shaped saw which has been mounted onto a bench or table so that the blade protrudes upward and then is driven by an electric motor for cutting large pieces of sheet stock and wood. Including products like Delta, Bosch, and Black & Decker our team compared over 100 of the top selling brands to help you find the best power tool for the job. When choosing a table saw there are a number of things to look for to get the best machine for its intended purpose.

Table size: Depending on if you’re cutting small pieces of wood on a home project or large cuts on a commercial contracting job you may need a larger table. Cutting a 4×8 sheet of plywood will not be possible with most smaller table saws made for home use. If you think there is any chance of eventually using the product for large cuts then it’s best to buy a large table.

Blade: As a general rule your saw will come with a 10-inch blade but upgrade options can significantly improve the overall performance by using something like a 40-tooth combination blade. You typically only need something like this when cutting particleboard and you’ll likely invest $50 -$75 for this upgraded blade.

Power Source: For the most part we find that consumers are buying corded electric saws as opposed to Air or cordless electric products. Naturally a cordless product will lack in battery life and is not ideal for larger projects that require extended usage.

Price: The average cost of a quality table saw will run around $299 -$499. Commercial table saws can cost upwards of $1,900 and small less effective brands as little as $139.

Rip fence: A rip fence is the adjustable guide that runs from the front of the table to the rear to determine where to work piece is to be cut at and to make sure that it is cuts evenly. This feature is also important for safety by helping to prevent kickbacks which can cause serious injuries. You’ll want a rip fence that is at least 50 inches  of rip capacity, easy to position, and that offers a true and square bar.

Splitters and Riving Knives: An important piece for stopping kickbacks the splitter is a metal piece that sets behind the blade and it is used to prevent saw blades from binding and it keeps the kerf from closing on the back of the blade when you rip long pieces of wood or other work pieces.

Saw Features: Make sure to consider optional features that may be important to you such as do you prefer a benchtop, portable or stationary saw.

Brands: If brand is important then we recommend looking at products from Bosch, Rockwell, DEWALT, Skil. TruePower, Craftsman, Generic, Black & Decker, Hitachi, Grizzly, Powermatic, Steel City Tool Works, and SawMaster.

Please compare our reviews of the top 10 rated table saws in the above table and share your personal reviews below about which products you found to have the best rip fence, high-precision cutting, performance, and ease of set up.

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Table Saw Review March 21, 2014