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When it comes to finding a Top Rated Tablet PC comparing quotes is the key to getting the best product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 computer tablets, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price on Tablet Computers.

Top Tablet Review 2018

Processor SpeedBattery Life (apprx)4G Capable Screen SizeTablet DetailsSimilar
Apple iPad1.3 GHz11.00 HoursYes7.9"View All Details
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Nook1.5 GHz9.00 HoursNo9.0"View All Details
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Kindle Fire2.3 GHz9.00 HoursNo7.0"View All Details
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Samsung Galaxy Note2.2 GHz13.25 HoursYes8.9"View All Details
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Google Nexus 101.7 GHz8.00 HoursNo10.1"View All Details
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Apple iPad 4th Generation1.4 GHz12.00 HoursYes9.7"View All Details
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Microsoft Surface 21.7 GHz9.00 HoursYes10.6"View All Details
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Google Nexus 71.5 GHz8.00 HoursYes7.0"View All Details
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Asus Transformer1.3 GHz12.00 HOursNo10.1"View All Details
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Dell Venue 111.4 GHz8.00 HoursNo11.0"View All Details
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Tips to Buying a Great Tablet Computer

With the recent boom in technology consumers have a large collection of tablets to choose from and our editors have reviewed some of the top products and shared some great tips for getting the best tablet for your money.

Best Tablets ReviewSome of the top brands in the review looked were Toshiba Excite, Google Nexus, Android, Apple, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy and a number of others. We looked various features like the operating system, battery life and front and rear cameras. On the hardware side we looked for the top processor speeds, total storage, and RAM. And finally reviews were added to the mix by taking a close look at the tablets screen size, resolution, and weight.

Before you purchase your new tablet here are a few tips and things to consider:

What Type of Operating System Should You Get? We found one of the most important pieces that consumers were concerned about was the operating system and choosing between Google Android, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows RT and the all popular Apple iOS  with it’s iPad products. The one you select will have a large impact on your overall user experience and as such it not be overlooked.  Many people love the Apple iOS because it comes with huge amounts of free software and cool apps. Google Android is fairly new, and while not as easy to use as Android and compared to most systems is somewhat limited but it is more flexible than Apple. Overall our editors found the experience from using Microsoft Windows 8 and RT were the best and most powerful operating systems for tablets.


What Tablet Screen Size is the Best? Most of our team admitted to at one point buying a small tablet in order to save money and to get what they thought was a good deal, only to be disappointed in the end. For most of our users, screen size really did matter. Display sizes of 6” – 7.9’ usually were more difficult for typing and reading (especially if you don’t have 20/20 vision) but would be fine for a few games and basic internets usage. Overall screen sizes of 8” – 12” delivered the best experience and no negatives seem to come from these larger screens.

How Important is the Tablets Weight? Whether you buy an Apple, Lenovo, Sony, or a Dell most tablets weigh between .70 pounds and 2.00 pounds. While a small percentage of users said this was important to them most placed it at the bottom of their list, as did our editors. Naturally most smaller sizes weighed less, but we found that even the large 2 lb. tablet didn’t pose much of a problem especially since you usually lay it down on a table or other surface when using. If this is important to you, then of course lighter is better, but don’t expect to reduce the weight by more than a single pound.

How Much RAM Should a Tablet Have? For those of you that are new to this term, RAM means Random Access Memory. There are two types of RAM, the most common type being Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) and the other is called Static Random Access Memory (SRAM). In short RAM holds the computers information so that it can allow it to access the data directly off of your hard drive. In other words it’s your tablets short term memory and its holding information actively being used by a program allowing for faster access to the information. Again, the more RAM the better but our team found that 2GB was almost always adequate.

Lastly, make sure your tablet comes with Wi-Fi or mobile broadband communication. After all what good is it if you can’t look up information and surf around on the internet regardless of where you are? According to our team tablet reviews no matter which product you buy you will be disappointed if it does not provide constant access to the internet.

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Tablet Review December 26, 2013