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Best Time Tracking Software Review 2017

Top 10 Time & Attendance SystemsWhen it comes to finding a Time and Attendance System comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 suppliers, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

Top Time and Attendance Systems Review 2017

 Company ReviewedRatingInternet
Sick Leave
Designated PC
Compare Prices & Features
TimeClick Time System ReviewTimeClick5 Stars Rating99%Compare Reviews and Pricing
TimeForce IITimeForce II5 Stars Rating99%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Acumen DataAcumen Data5 Stars Rating98%Compare Reviews and Pricing
TSheets TSheets 4.5 Star Rating 98%Compare Reviews and Pricing
SuitHR 4.5 Star Rating98%Compare Reviews and Pricing
SunDial Time SystemsSundial 4.5 Star Rating98%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Time Clock MTSTime Clock MTS 4.5 Star Rating97%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Kronos Time Systems ReviewKronos 4.5 Star Rating97%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Zoho 4.5 Star Rating97%Compare Reviews and Pricing
AcroTimeAcroTime 4.5 Star Rating97%Compare Reviews and Pricing
StratusTimeStratusTime 4.5 Star Rating97%Compare Reviews and Pricing
BULLHORN Time & Attendance SystemsBullhorn4 Star Review97%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Replicon TimeAttendReplicon TimeAttend4 Star Review96%Compare Reviews and Pricing
ShopClockShopClock4 Star Review95%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Ascentis Time ClocksAscentis4 Star Review96%Compare Reviews and Pricing
Time Clock PearlTime Clock Pearl4 Star Review96%Compare Reviews and Pricing

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Tips on Buying a Time and Attendance System – Top Time Tracking Software Systems

The time and attendance system that you use to track your employees time at work can vary on the type of system you want and how complex you want it to be, and therefor it’s wise to review all of your options. You can use a punch card system or fully computerized systems of varying types. The computerized systems include time software packages, web based login stations, biometric meters, interactive voice response systems and a touch screen system. The best time tracking software can greatly enhance efficiency as you will know exactly when your employees are starting work and when they are finishing work. Using a manual time package can lead to errors as sometimes people will forget to clock in and then estimate the time they arrived or left work.

Attendence Tracking Software ReviewBy using a time clock system or time card software you can see at a glance the working hours of all employees and a review of these software packages can also include modules to program staff holidays, monitor overtime and set schedules for staff breaks or downtime for them. The system can be complex or very simple depending on what you want it to do. The most basic system is using a punched card and clock system. As each employee enters the workplace they take their card and enter into the punch device and the time is marked when they started. The same happens when they leave. More computerized systems are being used nowadays that allow for better tracking of time worked. One problem with is that a workmate can punch your card as if you have already started work and do the same if you have left early. By using a biometric system to record time, an employee needs to present their hand to the mechanism, so no one else can clock in for you.

According to our latest review many employers like using attendance tracking software like the fingerprint time attendance system which does exactly what the name says, it uses an employees fingerprint to identity the employee and track their attendance.

Another successful tool is a web based computer log in system that only allows a person to start their computer once they have logged in.

Regardless of which tool you choose to buy you need to decide the amount of time tracking that you require. A simple time tracking electronic package can cost as little as $30 or as much as $300 depending on what you want it to do. A Biometric Attendance System can start at around $100 and the system you choose depends on the number of employees you are tracking. For a few employees all in the one place a simple time tracking device would be sufficient. If there are many employees and they move out into the filed a more complex system is needed.

The best tip we can offer for buying top time & attendance systems is to do your research after you have decided how complex the package needs to be. Look for time and attendance system reviews and companies that provide an outsourced system, it can cost as little as $1 per employee each month. Also look at the amount of technology you will need to install in the workplace to manage the systems.

Keeping all of these tips in mind is surely going to help you in making the right choice of Time Tracking Systems that will keep your employees happy and satisfied.

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