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Side By Side Reviews was developed to help businesses and consumers to find valuable information and get buying advice about products, services and companies before making buying decisions. Our site is made up of buying tips, informational articles, internal reviews/opinions and visitor comments based on personal experiences.

Review of Best Products and ServicesWhen possible we will take telephone interviews or review written submissions which are sent to us by mail or email. We invite commenting from all of our users and will also rely on this information to share individual third-party experiences and opinions with our visitors. It is important to note that comments are “user opinions” and we are not able to judge the credibility or truthfulness of the reviews shared by the thousands of visitors that post on our site. We will do our best to remove any post that state facts which can not be verified as truthful or factual, however opinions are opinions and we will not remove those posts.

As part of our consideration for ranking businesses or products we may access information such as local BBB reviews, consumer complaint forums, social media signals, actual services offered and when appropriate we may also consider pricing as part of our review. We then rate and rank businesses, services and products based on our staffs sole opinion. If any information is false or inaccurate you may request a review or modifications by emailing us at You must include your full name and contact information as we will not make changes if we can not document and verify the identity of the individual is making the request.

As ranking is mostly based on the opinions of our team you should do additional investigating before agreeing to purchase their products of services.

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When you click a “Get Quotes” button you are agreeing to be contacted by up to 6 suppliers, which may or may not be those that are ranked as a top 10 company.

Each supplier we work with understands that we have matched them up with a serious buyer that is actively comparing multiple quotes that meet their pre-described needs and to win their business they will need to offer up highly competitive bids that fully meet every need in their request. Here’s how it works… you simply tell us your needs by answering a couple of questions, and then, at no cost to you we’ll match you up with the right suppliers and bring them directly to you with their most competitive prices and hopes of earning your business by beating the local competitions prices. Getting low cost quotes for the areas best products and top services couldn’t be easier. Within 1 business day you’ll start receiving competitive quotes that you may not find anywhere else. You are under no obligation to receive these quotes, so simply read our user reviews, compare prices, and decide.

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Disclosure: We actively pursue numerous opportunities to develop revenue which may include advertising, review fees, and/or compensation from suppliers that pay us a fee for leads as our visitors request free – no obligation price quotes from multiple vendors. This site is for informational purposes only and ranking a business in our top 10 or sending price quotes from our suppliers in no way implies our endorsement.

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