Best Commercial Cleaning Service Review of 2018

Best Office Cleaning CompaniesWhen it comes to finding Office Cleaning Services comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 Janitorial companies, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Top 10 Office Cleaning Companies of 2018


 Cleaning Company Overall RatingRestroom
Recycling Compare
Merry Maids
Office Pride
Vanguard Cleaning Systems
SRM - Service Master
Jan Pro Logo For ReviewJan-Pro
ABM Commercial Cleaning
Building Stars
Stratus Building Solutions

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Best Practice for Finding a Top Office Cleaning Janitorial Service

As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to Godliness”—but cleanliness is also next to a happier customer, an organized mind, and a healthier client. Whether you’re looking for a cleaning service for your home or hospital, church or restaurant, you want a top commercial cleaning service to keep your space shining and sanitary. The best practice for finding your cleaning service is thinking about your specific needs and doing some careful research.

Your Needs for a Top Business Cleaning Service

Compare Commercial Cleaning CompaniesFirst, you must ask yourself a few questions in order to narrow down what you are trying to find in a top service. How many square feet is the space you need cleaned? An individual’s house requires a very different service than a corporate office. A hospital requires very specific needs for sterilization while a restaurant has food safety practices that must be followed. Find a commercial cleaning service that frequently practices in venues similar to yours.

Different office cleaning services cater to different volumes of work. Do you want your space cleaned daily or once a month? And what is your budget? With these questions answered, ask the company to visit your space and give you a quote that lists out the provided services. If you have specialty needs like waxed floors or unique surfaces that can’t take generic cleaners, be sure this is included in the quote. Also ask about occasional additional services like carpet or furniture cleaning.

Find and Keep a Top Office Janitorial Service

Sometimes it’s hard to know which commercial cleaning service is the top choice based on reading a website—but luckily you have more options! Call other businesses, organizations, or homeowners like yourself and ask for recommendations and read plenty of reviews online. Once you have one picked out and they have given you a quote, ask for a trial period before you sign a contract. This practice will give you time to make sure the service is up to your top standards before you are locked into a set period of time.

Top Commercial Cleaning Services Keep the Earth Clean, Too

Some commercial cleaning services now offer environmentally friendly products and practices. Everyday household cleaning products can contain chemicals that enter the water system and eventually make their way to rivers and oceans. You can make a big difference in keeping the ecosystem of your surrounding region healthy, often at prices comparable to what you would pay for traditional cleaning products. If minimizing environmental impact is important to you, your business, and your customers, there are many options available and you can prioritize environmentally friendly cleaners in your search.

A top business janitorial cleaning service enters your space, whether it’s a small medical center or a floor-wide bank of cubicles, and leaves that space tidier and more hygienic. With your area clean and your mind clear, you can focus on the people and activities you really care about instead of on the mopping.

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Final Suggestions For Review Process:

Consider Standard Cleaning Services: Window cleaning, carpet cleaning and vacuuming, restroom sanitation, and possibly green cleaning programs which may by more environmentally safe.

Industry Experience: Various industries require different needs. Basic office cleaning, schools, child care facilities, stadiums, and restaurants all have different needs. Ask your contractor about their experience level in your unique industry. 

24 Hour Cleaning Services: If your office prefers that cleaning take place after hours or on weekends you may want to inquire about their hours.

Uniforms: If you prefer that employees wear uniforms while cleaning your facility you may want to ask about this dress policy.

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Commercial Cleaning Service Review September 12, 2014