Best Collection Agency Review 2018

Best Collection AgenciesWhen it comes to finding a  Debt Collection Agency comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top  Collection Agencies, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Top Collection Agencies Review 2018

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 Collection AgencyOverall RatingCollection LettersSkip TraceLitigation ServiceCompare
Summit AR LogoSummit ARYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
Transworld SystemsYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
SmyythYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
National Association of Credit ManagementYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
C & E Acquisition GroupYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
CKS Financial Debt CollectionYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
Hunter WarfieldYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
CMC CollectionsYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
Rapid Recovery SolutionYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
AMS CollectionsYes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
LMK Recovery ServicesYes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This ServiceYes- Offers This Service
Baja Call Centers Collection AgencyBaja Call CentersYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This ServiceYes- Offers This Service

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Review These Tips for Finding the Debt Best Collection Agency

Is your business interested in hiring a debt collection agency? It’s important to do your research. Read here for a review of the best debt collection services.

Find the Collection Agency that Best Matches Your Business

Top Rated Debt Collection Company

Money is necessary for survival. It’s a fact. We use it every day and we would be doomed without it.

Few things are more frustrating than providing a service, only to send an invoice and receive nothing. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your customer may not pay.

So what can you do when your attempts to get paid for your work are ignored?

This is where debt collection services can save the day and help you increase profits.

Hiring someone to do that work for you can be a bit overwhelming. It seems like there are a million options for 3rd party debt collection, but there are ways to find exactly what you need.

Don’t fear! We’ll walk you through the process and help you find which debt collection agency will work best for your business.

When should I seek out debt collection services?

Normally, when you provide a product or a service, you expect to get paid for it. After all, this is your business and livelihood. This is how the world works!

Sometimes, it doesn’t go this smoothly. Occasionally, clients don’t pay.

This is extremely frustrating and can be detrimental to a small business.

There is a simple way to know that it’s time to hire a company specializing in debt collections services. When you’re spending a lot of time trying to get what is owed to you that it gets in the way of your other responsibilities — it’s time.

Consider how long you’ve been trying to collect money from your customer. If it has been 90-120 days and your attempts have failed, this is a good time to reach out to someone who specializes in getting the money you earned.

How much will it cost?

Naturally, when you’re trying to figure out what is best for your bottom line, the cost is important. You don’t want to spend too much more just to get paid the amount you should have already received.

The cost of debt collection services varies greatly based on the exact services the debt collection agency provides.

There are a few types of fees companies use:

  • flat rate fees are the most straight-forward. The collection agency will charge you a set amount of each debt they collect. This works for a low number of clients who have not paid but is not ideal if you need regular services.
  • contingency fees simply mean that you will be charged an agreed upon fee after the money has been collected.
  • percentage fees are exactly like they sound. The debt collection company keeps a percentage of the total amount of debt.

While cost is the most important component for most businesses, there are other factors you need to consider to ensure that you’re using the debt collection services that best serve you and your customers.

Important considerations

The type of debt you are working with is something you should keep in mind. Some of the most common types of debt in the United States are medical debt, credit card debt, and student debt. However, there are many other types of debt that you may need to hire someone to collect.

There are legal factors you absolutely must consider. It’s important to know the legalities of your own business. Here are some general things to keep in mind to protect yourself and your customers as you choose a debt collection company:


Otherwise, know as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, HIPPA was set up by the US government to protect the private health information of individuals.

If you’re in a medical field and HIPPA affects your clientele, I’m sure you’re familiar with the requirements and ramifications.

Make sure to choose a reputable company that adheres to HIPPA guidelines. This will protect you and your patients.


The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act goes hand-in-hand with HIPPA, so it also applies to all health professionals. HITECH protects health information that is transmitted electronically.

As with HIPPA, it is vital that you choose debt collection services that will use all information appropriately.


The Federal Trade Commission oversees the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to make sure that debt collection companies use ethical means to collect debts. All reputable debt collection agencies will adhere to this, but be careful as some of the less credible companies may not.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act exists to make sure that the information on an individual’s credit report is accurate. This is to protect consumers.

To keep things as smooth as possible, make sure that the company you choose for debt collection services will follow these requirements.


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 provides strict guidelines for all businesses using telephone-based technology. Since telephone calls are one of the primary ways debt collection agencies contact debtors, make sure that the company you work with knows and follows TCPA rules.

How can I collect what is owed to me without losing my reputation?

If this question has been in your mind since you started considering using debt collection services, you are not alone!

Sometimes, the thought of debt collection can feel downright wrong. Ideally, you would be immediately paid for your work and no one else would have to get involved.

However, the stark reality is that sometimes things do not work out that way.

Does it mean that your customers are bad people? Absolutely not!

While some customers may try to pull a fast on one you, most of the time there are other factors that keep customers from paying. It could be that they do not have enough money or maybe they keep forgetting and just haven’t made paying you a priority.

Maybe you are worried about how using a debt collection will make you look to existing and new clients. That’s okay. Here are a few tips on how to utilize debt collection services and maintain a sparkling reputation:

  • Make sure that the debt collection agency follows all applicable laws
  • Ensure that they will not harass customers or use illegal means to collect debts
  • Read reviews from other businesses who used the debt collection agency
  • Look at the diversity of payment options available to customers for easy payment

Next step

Now that you know what to look for in a debt collection agency, it’s time to find the company that will be most beneficial to you.

But where do you find these companies?

We’re here to help you! In addition to numerous reviews on our website, you can contact us to receive free price quotes from up to 6 companies!

Compare Reviews and Pricing

Final Suggestions For Review Process:

Ask About Collection Letter Services: Some debt collection firms will mail out several letters to the debtor, each one becoming more aggressive as to the ramifications of ignoring the letter.

Understand Litigation Options: Find out if the collection company has a network of attorneys that will be used to help you recover the bad debt. If legal action becomes necessary this may be of value.

Review Skip Tracing Solutions: Skip tracing is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts for any number of purposes, but generally for the purpose of recovering debt. The collections agency should have access to software to find any individual who may have skipped town or is hiding to prevent paying their debt.


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