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Credit Card Processing Review 2018

Merchant Services and credit card processing When it comes to finding a Top Rated Credit Card Processing Services comparing quotes is the key to getting the best product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top rated credit card processors, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price.

Top Credit Card Processing Service Reviews 2018

 Credit Card
Processing Vendor
Overall RatingGateway Fee (apprx)
(may have changed)
Set Up TimeTransaction Fee
(Present w/card)
(may have changed)
Flagship Merchant$7.951 Day$0.19
e Commerce Exchange$10.002 Days$0.21
Payment DepotPayment DepotVaries2 Days$0.25
National Bankcard$9.001 Day$0.19
Cayan LogoCayan$5.002 Days$0.21
Fattmerchant$0.001 Day$0.08
Helcim LogoHelcimVaries2 Days$0.08
Leaders Merchant Services$8.002 Days$0.15
Chase Paymentech$0.001 Day$0.10
Merchant One$9.951 Day$0.20
Total Merchant$10.004 Days$0.20
Electronic Transfer$10.001 Day$0.25
iTransact$24.953 Days$0.31
First Data $19.952 Days$0.30 $8.001 Day$0.20

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Get the Best Credit Card Processing Service

Credit cards are becoming synonymous to cash – in fact, more and more Americans carry a credit card but NO cash in their wallets. How many customers carrying zero cash enter businesses every day hoping to make a purchase, only to find a “Cash Only” sign at the register? Although the business has saved a small fee in processing, it has lost the over-all sale! And what are the chances of that customer ever coming back?

Credit Card Processing Services Explained

For a client of customer, unless a credit card is declined, paying for products and services with a credit card isn’t that complex. But the merchant’s end of things can get a little more tricky, often time wildly confusing, and definitely a task for the small business owners. The credit card processing sector can be packed with unexpected fees, deceptive sales techniques, weighted contracts, and a lack of clarity. Small business owners who need to accept payment via credit cards may be convinced to agree to all kinds of unnecessary services and may not know what their bill will look like until they receive it.

Why Customers Choose Credit Card Processing?

Credit Card Processing solutionsCredit cards offer cash-back incentives and an automatic purchase of records. Credit card companies also offer theft protection and allow customers to purchase beyond the confines of cash-in-wallet. To many customers, purchasing using credit cards is the clear choice.

As owner of a growing business, the best chance you have for getting the highest number of transactions is to provide your customers with a safe and easy credit card processing option for payment.

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

A merchant account is the specific type of bank account that allows a business to process credit card payments. As a business owner, you begin with two options: 1) open a merchant account yourself, or 2) work with an independent sales organization (ISO), who already has authorization for merchant accounts. Although your own merchant account is more cost effective at higher sales volumes, a third-party ISO works great for businesses who do not yet have a strong enough sales record to be authorized for a merchant account themselves or for those looking for minimal hassle and up-front expense.

A merchant account provider is the financial institution or bank working with you to set up the account. The provider handles the customer’s credit approval of purchase, the transfer of money into your bank account, and sometimes even the in-store equipment necessary for processing credit cards.

Choosing a Merchant Account Provider for Credit Card Processing

For this valuable service, you can choose a provider whose fees are minimized by your particular sales so that you maximize the benefit of having credit card sales. The “discount rate” is the standard percentage a provider takes out of each transaction (beginning around 2-3%). However, there are many more variables that go into the total fee and this is where careful planning comes in.

In one example, a business with many small sales might opt for a fixed monthly fee instead of a per-transaction processing fee. Since online payments are processed under different rules than in-store payments, an online store will look for the best deal for those rates. Other things that may be factored into fees are your personal credit rating, how old your business is, and your daily/monthly sales totals. Examine your sales and do the math for a few different companies. Your typical sales record will help dictate the best merchant account provider to process your credit card transactions and keep the sales rolling in.

In today’s market, your best bet for maximizing number of sales is offering the option for credit cards. Help your customers swipe, punch, or point-and-click their way into your most successful year!

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 Other Merchant Service Fees to Review:

Statement Fees: All credit card processing company require some type of statement fee. The average  is $8.00 -$10 per month.

Account Clearing: The processing time that it takes from when the customer approves a charge until the time the money actually clears the account. Typical is 1-2 days.

Fraud Protection Services: Specically look ar addressess verification, SSL (secure socket layer) and CVV2 verification.

Minimum Fees Per Month: The monthly minimum fee which you will be required to meet each and every month to keep the merchant account active. 

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