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Best ATM Machines Review of 2018

Top 10 ATM ReviewWhen it comes to finding an ATM Company or buying an ATM Machine comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 ATM machines, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Top ATM Machines Review 2018

SecureScreen SizeWarrentyPricing range 
Nautilus Hyosung
5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service15"12 MonthsHigh
Hantle / Tranax
MBC 4000T
5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service10.4"12 MonthsHigh
Triton Traverse5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service8"13 MonthsMedium
Hantle 1700W5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service7"12 MonthsLow
Genmega G25005 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service8"12 MonthsMedium
Hyosung 1800SE5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service8"12 MonthsMedium
Hantle C40005 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service10.4"12 MonthsMedium
Genmega G19175 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service7"12 MonthsLow
Hyosung 2700CE5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service10.2"12 MonthsMedium
Hyosung NH-2700T5 Star ReviewYes- Offers This Service10"12 MonthsHigh

Other Top Ranking ATM Company’s and machines: Tidel, Tranax, Triton, and Nautilus – Hyosung

Tips for Finding ATM Companies and Buying ATM Machines 

If you are looking to lease or at buying ATM Machines for sale (also called Automated Teller Machine) it can be an asset to many businesses as people still like to use cash for various purposes, but buying ATM’s may take some research first. We hope this article will help. There are still businesses that don’t accept eftpos or credit cards and will only accept cash. Many small hobby businesses, markets and roadside stall holders only use cash and only accept cash. You may in a position that is right for the installation of an ATM to give your customers that extra bit of service and support. If your customers are asking you where the nearest ATM is it is probably a good idea to think about installing one and if you are on the outskirts of a town and people need to travel back in to town or to the next town for some cash they will appreciate the service you are offering. Compare ATM Machines

An ATM Company can have a machine can be installed in one of three ways: a free-standing model on the floor of your business, a desk top model if you only have limited floor space and most ATM Vendors also offer a through the wall model like you see at most banks. Whether you are looking for a new or used ATM machine the price will vary depending on which type you need for your business. An ATM is connected via the internet by being plugged in to a land-line or by wireless connection. Wireless connection tends to be faster as it is always on and all use a Windows-based computer system. A wireless system will have a cheaper overhead as you are not paying for a dedicated land-line. These Free ATM Machines can be installed in restaurants, purchased as ATM for malls, bar ATM, or any type of business.

Not all ATMs are the same and some can now offer you added features such as topping up phone credit, buying postage stamps, movie tickets and ski lift passes as well as giving you access to your cash. Obviously the more the machine does the more expensive it will be.

One tip before Buying  an ATM Machine is are you prepared to purchase one or do you want to lease it from the installer or manufacturer? Some companies will also place an ATM in at no charge in areas that have a lot of foot traffic. If you buy your machine you need to repair and resupply all bits and pieces and even if you lease it you are still up for some of the costs. If you are not sure about putting one in maybe a lease is the way to go but you need to read the contract carefully to see about your obligations.

You also will want to know about service and support for the machine. We have all been to a machine that is down for one reason or another and you want to know that if yours is having problems that it can be fixed sooner rather than later. You want to have 24/7 support available to you.

Look out for any hidden fees that may be hidden in the contract as these will mean your machine is less profitable and may not have worth your while purchasing it. Read your contract very carefully.

So when you’re ready to purchase an Automated Teller Machine remember that finding quality new and used ATM’s from ATM companies and manufactures should be fast and easy and we invite you to compare prices and reviews from our directory of ATM Companies that will allow you to rent, buy or lease ATM’s .

ATM Companies

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Featured ATM Company

NCR / 1.800.225.5627 Founded 1884 BBB Accredited No # Employees 100+

National Cash Register Company – NCR is universally acknowledged as the global leader in banking self-service solutions with more than 24 consecutive years as the global number one manufacturer of ATM machines. This success has been achieved through continuous technology innovation and a strong commitment to understanding the present and future needs of our customers and consumers.

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ATM Company Review August 1, 2013