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List of Best ATM Machines

Top 10 ATM ReviewWhen it comes to finding an ATM Company or buying an ATM Machine comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top 10 ATM machines, user reviews, and buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Best ATM Machine Review

The experts have met and here are the 10 Best ATM machines. All of these machines have EMV as a standard feature, as this is now required. Beware of purchasing older machines without this verification step.

Genmega 2500, Onyx

Genmega 2500 ATM Ranked #1The Genmega 2500 is one of the top-ranked ATM machines designed for indoor placement.  The G2500 comes loaded with great features. It also provides additional configuration choices. The G2500 comes standard with an 8″, high-resolution, wide-screen LCD, which can be upgraded to a larger touchscreen version.

The Genmega Onyx series offers a sleek and compact look with a 10.2″ color screen standard. It has fixed, removable, and multi-cash cassette dispenser options.

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Hantle 1700

The Hantle 1700 Series ATM has an unbeatable reputation for reliability, security, and durability. The aesthetics are more than you expect, with modern and unobtrusive design features.  This is the ideal unit for lower volume stores.

The Hantle 1700 weighs just over 200 lbs and offers security and ease of maintenance. It is fully TDES and ADA compliant.

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Nautilus Hyosung Halo

The bestselling Halo provides enhanced security features for an entry-level price. It features a UL 291 business hours safe. It has an EMV card reader,  as required. Physical security measures such as a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and solid steel provide protection. Secure communications using TLS (Transport Layer Security) transmission encryption keep transactions safe.

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Triton Argo, Traverse

Customizable to suit your needs, the Trinton Argo builds on 40 years of Triton history as an American-made ATM. This machine rates very well and is for high traffic and volume areas of many retail, food service, and hospitality locations.

The Traverse is designed for off-premise retail use, with special consumer protection such as anti-skimming and PIN shielding design. It is built extra tough to withstand weather and use.

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Diebold Nixdorf CS 2040 ReviewDiebold Nixdorf CS 2040, 280 and 5500

The Diebold Nixdorf ATM machines are compact, flexible,  indoor lobby cash machines. It is meant to be in a well-monitored area and is self-serviceable.  It truly automates the teller function. It is upgradable to cash recycling.

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Nautilus Hyosung 2700

A highly flexible choice, the Hyosung 2700 series was reviewed well. The Hyosung 2700 is easily upgradable to meet needs now and in the future. It comes with a large 10.4″ color display and heat-sensitive function keys standard.  Other standard features include a UL Business hours vault and PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant EPP (Encrypting PIN pad.

The standard mechanical dial lock can be replaced for enhanced security. Choose an optional electronic safe lock. The large-capacity cassettes hold up to 6,000 bills. This flexibility allows us to custom design an ATM at a price range that works for you.

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Ranking the Best ATM Machines and Companies

If you'd like to increase your store sales by 20%, Install an ATM.

As of the 2017 official ATM census, there are 470,130 ATMs in service in the U.S. today. The majority of those units are not operated in banks. They are in stores, malls, gas stations, and other places to serve the needs of people NOT near a bank.

Owning an ATM is a great way to limit costly credit card transactions. You can set a minimum for credit card purchases or not take credit cards at all.

A convenient ATM for customers offers cash for transactions, with no charge to you as the store owner. In fact, some ATMs generate income in the form of service fees.

Anywhere where people need to transact business in cash, ATM machines are a sound investment.

But how do you choose which kind of machine?

Which companies have the best reputation for security and durability?

How large of an investment is needed? Here's what you need to know.

Top ATM Companies

ATM manufacturing is a specialty of only a few companies. Industry giants Nautilus Hyosung and Genmega dominate the field, but other manufacturers offer competitive models and pricing.

Nautilus Hyosung Top Ranked ATM CompanyNautilus Hyosung

This Dayton, Ohio-based firm has a 20+ year history of innovative retail ATM manufacturing. They pride themselves on their ATM product, service, and support reliability and flexibility. They manufacture eight current models of retail ATMs.

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Genmega entered the retail ATM market in 2006. This giant has more than 150,000 units deployed. They offer 10 different kinds of kiosks to serve almost any retail need.

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If you need money in the Arctic, you will find the world's northern-most machine is a Hantle. That's right, the North Pole ATM on Baffin Island is not serviced by penguins. Four different Hantle product lines are available for the retail market.

Hantle continuously strives to bring new ways of doing business with us. We are not just delivering ATMs, but ATM Business Solutions for Analytical Tax Services' Authorized Retail Distributors as well! Our goals? To try and make their businesses more efficient and profitable than ever before – all in an effort so you can concentrate on what matters most: Making your customers happy!

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Diebold Nixdorf - Ranked top 10 ATM MachineDiebold Nixdorf

At the opposite pole, the two Wells Fargo ATMs at Antarctica's McMurdo Station are large-capacity machines from Diebold. These machines get a once every two years service and have to be reliable and secure.  Diebold Nixdorf offers seven ATM models.

Diebold Nixdorf is a leading global provider of security solutions. They have products and services that cover all areas, including self-service terminals for retail customers to ATM installations in financial markets worldwide

Diebold & Co., founded by Conrad V Lee on October 16th, 1965 with just $5 million dollars has grown significantly since then due primarily at least partly because they were one of the first companies back when computerization wasn't widespread across many industries so it became an essential business tool helping businesses save time/money while improving productivity

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This Mississippi-based manufacturer has a 40-year history of reliable machines for cash handling. Triton Argo models are among the first free-standing ATMs available for ownership. They have 30 years of field experience and are among the easiest to service.

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The venerable NCR (National Cash Register) company's 130+ year history contains innovations such as the automatic ringing cash register, barcode scanners and more. They have nine ATMs to choose from, with capacities from 1000 to 8000 bills.

NCR Corporation is known as one of the first companies to produce self-service kiosks, and they have been at it since 1898. They also manufacture point-of sale terminals which process transactions for retailers across America!

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Puloon Technology from South Korea is a relative newcomer to the U.S. ATM market but has a 20+ year history in technology. They are well known for the reliability and long-life of their cash dispensing parts.

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Types of ATMs

There are two types of ATMs common in the U.S. The free-standing kiosk type and the in-wall or built-in type.

For business owners with floor space limits, a free-standing ATM with a small footprint is the best option. Some are as small as 16″ square. Others are counter-top models, that are secured to a tabletop. They can weigh from 200-400 lbs. and must be bolted to the floor or to the countertop.

The other type of ATM is the built-in version.  These are customarily built into a secure, controlled-access room, which offers adds another level of safety. The installation of one of these machines is not easy.

The chassis of the ATM rests inside the secured area and the face is placed through the wall to the other side. The usual material for the walls is reinforced concrete. The ATM itself weighs near 1000 lbs.

What Features to Look for When Buying Automated Teller Machines

Best ATM CompaniesYou spend time and effort making your store look good. Extend that care to choosing your ATM machines. Different design choices can affect price. A discreet wall-mounted ATM with sleek lines and modern design touches will work in a casino or resort, but a truck stop convenience store can use a lower-end system.

Screen Type and Size

Energy-sucking CRT screens are rarely in use anymore. The standard screen is a 10-15″ touchscreen. Choosing larger or smaller screens can result in additional costs.

Lock Options

Lock options for ATMs range from standard electronic locks to device-specific S&G access via mobile telephone locks. The most secure ATM locks include measures like one-time use combinations, alarm connectivity, encrypted keys, dual token access control, internal backup batteries, and memory.

If you use a service to fill the machine, you will need a software-based system.

Cash System

The main criteria for the cash system are the number of notes it can hold and how many cartridges it has. Large cartridges and more cassettes make for faster and fewer refills. The low end is a 1,000 note drawer.

If you are dispensing $20 bills, this isn't very many transactions. At the upper end of the spectrum can get to up to 8,000 notes using multiple cartridges. Your choice really depends on the volume you think you'll be doing.

Vault Security

Is your ATM in a place that is monitored? Some ATMs are meant to hold cash only during business hours. The walls are thinner steel and the locks less robust than the Level 1 type vaults.

Level 1 ATM vaults are designed to keep cash safe 24 hours a day, with or without monitoring. This type of ATM weighs at least 300 lbs. The steel is tested to withstand 50,000 psi pressure.


Consider your signage on the ATM and how it will fit your decor, language support, and security.

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How To Choose ATM Machines

Owning ATM machines for additional money is a great thought. It's all in the execution, though. Do the math around the initial cost of the machine, the cash tied up in the machine, and the time to refill, manage, and service the machine. It takes a certain amount of traffic and users to turn a profit.

Count your traffic where you plan to place your ATM.  According to some industry studies, 3% to 5% of those who see an ATM machine will use it. The average ATM surcharge was $2.97 in 2017. You'll need to subtract a transaction processing fee. Let's go with $0.47 for round numbers.

That leaves $2.50 in possible revenue per transaction. So for example if you get 200 people passing your machine, monthly revenue might look something like this:

200 people / day * 30 days * 4% conversion * $2.50 = $600 per month

If you only get a hundred people a day, on average it could be closer to $300 in revenue a month. If it's 50 people a day it's still more than a hundred extra bucks a month.

Figure Out Your Daily Traffic

Other factors that affect traffic and use:

  • Are your business or neighboring businesses cash only?
  • How close is the nearest ATM?
  • Do customers often ask where the nearest ATM is?
  • Do customers often pay for small items with a debit card and ask for cashback?
  • Are you a business that offers services to travelers? (Convenience store, hotel, gas station, etc.)

None of this takes into account any additional foot traffic or cash purchases you'll get from having an ATM business. Don't forget the savings in credit card processing fees, since your customers will pay in cash.

How Much Money Do You Need to Stock in Your ATM Machines?

Now that you have an idea who will use the machine, how much will they take out with each transaction? Theaverage ATM withdrawal is $60. If this machine is going into a cash-only tow yard, the average withdrawal might be higher.

Think about the capacity of your machine and who will need to stock and service it. It's a balancing act between how often you will need to restock it and how much cash you want inside the machine at any given time.

You also need to think if you are stocking your machine with $20s, $50s, or $100s. Some ATMs can handle more than one denomination. Others can only dispense one denomination note.

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How Secure Do You Need Your ATM Machine to Be?

There are several factors that determine the ideal configuration for your ATM machine. Are you selecting a built-in version or a stand-alone kiosk? Security is often given high priority.

  • Will your ATM be monitored or simply standing alone?
  • Does your ATM need to travel to temporary locations?
  • Will the ATM be outdoors?
  • Will it be serviced by an armored car company?
  • Is your machine going to have $10,000, $50,000, or more inside it?

All ATMs have certain security features and auditable records. However, some factors drive the price higher. Larger machines made for outdoor use are often more than 1000 lbs and have extra hard steel vaults, and several anchor points to secure to concrete and electronic locks. A tabletop version meant to supplement a cash register might weigh 100 lbs and have four screws into the tabletop.

How Much do ATM Machines Cost?

Plan to purchase new ATM machines at a cost between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on features. The typical low-end range for a standalone machine is $2,500 to $3,000.  More features, larger cartridges, and higher security equate to added investment.

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Get the right ATM machines for your business to add to the bottom line. It's all a question of choosing the right size and level of servicing appropriate to your location.  Looks, reliability, and security matter.

For more side-by-side reviews of these ATMs, download our guide today.

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