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Best Letter Folding Machines of 2018

View The Best Letter Folding MachinesWhen it comes to finding quality Letter Folding Machines, comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

Below you will find information and reviews of the best paper folding machines including user reviews, buying tips, and an easy to use system for getting the best price from companies in your area.

Top Letter Folding Machines Review 2018

Rating Product NameVolumeHandle Glossy?Compare Features & Prices
5 Star ReviewDuplo DF915 Paper FolderDuplo DF-915 Paper Folding MachineMediumCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewIntelli-Fold DE 172AF Letter FolderIntelli Fold DE-172AFMediumRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewMBM 207M Letter FolderMBM 207M Paper FolderHighRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewIntelli-Fold DE 102af Letter FolderIntelli-Fold DE-102AF Desktop Paper FolderMediumRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewHasler PF90 Letter FolderHasler PF-90 Fully Automatic Document FolderHighRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewDuplo DF777 Letter FolderDuplo DF-777 Automatic Paper FolderMediumCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewMartin Yale 2051 Letter FolderMartin Yale 2051 SmartFold Programmable Paper FolderHighRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4 Star ReviewFD300 Desktop Letter FolderFD 300 Office Desktop FolderLightRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4 Star ReviewMBM 93M Letter FolderMBM 93M Paper Folding MachineMediumRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
3.5 StarsFP 1001 Letter FolderFP-1001LightRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices

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Below you will find a helpful buying guide to help determine which letter folding machines are right for your needs. User comments and experiences (Good and Bad) help provide real reviews from their personal and business use. If you are in need of letter folding machines, consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business.

Guide to Letter Folding Machines

Letter folding machines have a high adoption rate by businesses that regularly send out print communications. The compact and economical machines save on both time and resources. Letter folding machines allow businesses to complete more folds per minute and eliminate the need to hire on an additional pair of hands to help with the process, thereby helping trim overhead costs. A letter folding machine can manage the mundane task while your employee’s time and energy can be utilized elsewhere. When purchasing a letter opening machine, consider the following needs:

  1. What is the environment in which the letter folding machine will be used? Do you anticipate an increased need for more folds in the future that might warrant investing in a more dynamic folding machine?
  2. What is the estimated frequency the letter folding machine will be used at?
  3. When used, will the letter folding machine be expected for perform high or low quantity folds?

Types of Letter Folding Machines

Not all letter folding machines are the same. Just like with other office hardware, there are many different variety of machines suited to a user’s individual needs. Their costs also vary, making it very affordable for a start-up or small business to invest in this time-saving device.

Letter Folding Machines for Folding Thousands of Letters Daily

For higher volume needs, opt for a letter folding machine that acts with the intelligence of a printer, such as the MBM 207M Paper Folder. It can detect jams, includes a jam map indicator and has a low level of friction in order to facilitate speed. High volume letter should also be easy to use with customization options for various types of letter folds. However, keep in mind that these high volume letter folders can cost three times as much as the more moderately used variety.

Letter Folding Machines for Folding Smaller Quantity Letters

Letter folding machines come in desktop versions too so they’re easy to accommodate in a smaller space or for more infrequent use. The Intelli-Fold DE-102AF Desktop Paper Folder is an affordable option, able to hold up to a full ream of paper at a time. This small business friendly letter folding machine also offers the more complex folds of larger folding machines, including classic letter folds, Z folds, half accordion folds, gate folds, and double parallel folds.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Letter Folding Machine

In addition to cost, there are two other key factors to consider when purchasing a letter folding machine, and they are: fold types and paper weight.

Fold Types
Not all paper folding machines are capable of complex folds. Businesses that produce a higher amount of print material that requires creative folding, will want to consider the various fold models they presently need or expect needing in the future.
Paper Weight
Letter folding machines are also used for folding print collateral such as brochures. Keep in mind that not all machines will be able to perform with heavier paper stock or larger/smaller paper sizes.

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Ratings for Letter Folders

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