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Top 10 Commercial SafesAll businesses are concerned with keeping valuables safe. Whether it is money or important papers, finding a commercial safe worthy of protecting your property involves comparing quotes to get a top-quality product at an affordable price.

At side-by-side, we have gathered details on the top 10 safes including user reviews and buying tips, and made it easy to find the best price from companies in your area.


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Quality Commercial Safes

In today’s world of digital sharing, cloud-based servers, and wireless interfacing, security is being redefined. And with movies and albums leaking before their intended release dates, PIN numbers being stolen in droves, and user information being sold to the highest bidder, there’s a case to be made for limiting your information to less locations – more specifically, locations less connected to the digital world, such as physically storing your proprietary information or valuables in a commercial safe.

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What to Consider in Purchasing Your Commercial Safe

At the forefront of any commercial safe inquiry are safety and security. And with a plethora of options to choose from, the next question to ask is “how safe is safe enough?” Your ultimate decision will come down to weighing potential risks and threats and whether you need the extra defense to stave off such attempts. Here are a few common features to consider how to properly protect your information.

  • Fire Protection – Few things are worse than the destructive toll a fire takes. Purchasing a fire-protected safe means that your most sacred valuables will be intact even in the event of such ablaze.
  • Water Protection – Storms or utility accidents can wreak havoc on a building and its tenant’s personal effects. Water protection can protect your information or valuables from being a ruined soggy mess in cases of flooding, pipes bursting, or severe rain damage.
  • Multi-Level Entry Keys – Looking for more than a single rotary dial system lock? Increase security with multiple passwords, PIN numbers, or keys to enter. Many brands offer analog or digital code entry with second and even third level key-entry locks to ensure that you know who has access to your items.

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  • Size – Valued information and items come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and commercial safes are no different. Several brands offer multiple sizes to house either the largest or smallest items, from vault enforced walls to mounted lockboxes.
  • Feature Specific – Do you have multiple things you’d like to protect that are largely different? Look for safes with specific entry features such as drop drawers, deposit slots, or customized internal housing to keep your items undisturbed.


Top-Rated Commercial Safes

Finding the right safe for your security needs is convenient and easy with many reputable providers offering dependable solutions for every budget and scenario.

Prestige Safe
With over 100 years of providing reliable security and protection, Prestige Safe is no stranger to keeping valuable information exactly where you need it to stay with a diverse range of safes to secure your items.

FireKing Security Group
Creating a niche in 1951 with its fireproof file safes, FireKing has since grown into a diversified provider of specialty safety and security equipment. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your entire security regiment or just protect specific valuables, FireKing has a solution for your business.

Worldwide Safe & Vault
Worldwide offers a multitude of commercial safes with intricate key entry options for safes small and large. And if that’s not enough, the company has various options to vault in an entire room or assemble a new modular vault at your location.

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Keeping your most valued and important items secure can be paramount to the future of your business or livelihood. Find the right commercial safe for your needs and get protected today!

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