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Best Contact Management SoftwareWhen it comes to finding Contact Management Software comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top 10 Client Management Software solutions, user reviews, and buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.


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Contact Management Software Buying Guide & Reviews

Technology has given us a wealth of opportunities that couldn't have been imagined just a generation or two ago, yet managing those opportunities and all of the people involved can be a major headache without the right tools and systems in place. The solution? More technology, of course! Client management software—sometimes called customer relations management (CRM) software, though it can help you connect with more than just customers—is becoming increasingly vital to businesses of all sizes. Here's some advice on selecting the best contact management software for your business.

SalesForce Contact Management Software

Salesforce logo, Inc is an American cloud-based company that provides customer relationship management services and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on its core purpose: to help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers through the use of analytics for marketing automation purposes; this includes everything from CRM software all way down to custom development projects aimed at leveraging Salesforces proprietary knowledge in order makes your business more successful.

Salesforce is committed to improving the world for everyone. They've built a strong reputation as one of America's most innovative tech companies, and their work with governments around the globe proves just how much they care about making things better!

Client Management Priorities: Ease of Use vs. Functionality

A basic truism in pretty much every human endeavor, and in the technological realm especially, is that the easier something is to use, the less it can do. Think of how simple a one-speed bicycle is compared to that 21-speed grip-handled gear shifter sitting in your garage, for example. All you have to do with your one-speed is hop on and push the pedals while managing the fancier model takes a little more knowledge and practice. The contact management software available today offers total custom solutions for realtors, healthcare, retail, and more.

PipeDrive Contact Management Software

Pipedrive is a company that develops cloud-based software and mobile apps for sales teams with more than 800 employees around the world. The CRM provides customer relationship management tools to over 95K customers in 120 countries worldwide through its web application or app store respectively. In 2020 it became one of only five Estonian-founded unicorns on record as well.

The founders of Pipedrive knew from experience that in sales, as with any other aspect of life you can't control your results but only take action. That's why their tool focuses on scheduled activities and tracking them so users have complete visibility into what they need to do next steps towards achieving goals or targets set out by themselves.

In 2010 when the co-founder was setting up this company it seemed like every other customer relationship management system (CRM) was geared more toward creating relationships than actually managing them which made sense since most people don’t want cold calls at 5 am – however, these approaches did little help them be productive.

The world of sales is a competitive one. The competition for customers can be fierce, but the company's goal has always been clear: they want every team member to succeed so that you're never at risk when it comes time to sell your product or service on the market. In 2020, Vista Equity Partners – one of Wall Street’s most successful investment firms focused exclusively on enterprise software startups- made an unprecedented majority investment into Pipedrive; with their continued support, this will help us achieve success together more than ever before.

Pipedrive Logo

Other Top Brands Include:

  • NetSuite
  • ZoHo
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Cooper
  • InfoFlo

Contact management software is the same: the more it can do, the more complex it becomes, and the more learning required to use it effectively. The most comprehensive CRM solutions can offer tremendous power and markedly increased efficiency to enterprises with the resources and ability to use such software's full functionality, but such tools might be unwieldy or simply unnecessary for smaller businesses or simpler undertakings.

Copper Logo

Any function you won't end up using is a function you don't need, so be sure to balance the power of your contact management tools against the actual needs of your business and your realistic ability to power through the learning curve and setup process.

Sales, Customer, and Employee Management Solutions

Do you want to focus on managing a sales team, ensuring appropriate follow-through with customers and clients, or tracking employee progress on a team project? Maybe you want one solution for everything? There are contact management software solutions out there that can do it all, and others that specialize in specific areas.

InfoFlo Contact Management Software

You don't have to worry about the cost of licensing any longer. Your $99/user basic package includes everything you need for a One Time Cost with free upgrades forever.

With their list of add-ons, you can customize your own InfoFlo package to suit any need. All one-time costs are a Life Time Cost and include free upgrades for life.

Access your InfoFloor data from anywhere with our iPhone and Android mobile apps. Take your sales pipeline so you never miss important activities or deal opportunities, quickly access the to-do list on the go by searching for contacts of the organization's name within it. Be confident knowing the full history of any meeting before stepping foot into one in a jiffy thanks to this awesome app.

InfoFlo Logo

Determine where your key areas of concern or struggle are, and find a software package that directly addresses those problems. You'll likely pick up some additional benefits along the way, but what's most important is making sure your business is running the way you need it to for maximum efficiency and profitability.

With the right contact management software in place, you can follow through on leads, direct new and prospective clients through carefully planned and analyzed marketing funnels, conduct A/B testing, track employee productivity and sales team goals, schedule meetings, and follow-throughs, and run almost any of the relationship-oriented aspects of your business. These software solutions are powerful tools for dealing with the complications of the constantly-connected high-technology world we live in and will help your business and your team see the best result possible.


Final Suggestions For the Review Process:

Contact Management Software For Realtors: Some companies have software specifically designed for the real estate industry. Compare Real Estate Contact Management Software and CRM to see which suppliers offer the most robust suite of tools for realtors.

Maximum Storage Space: Many providers offer unlimited space, however, some will only deliver a preset amount. Depending on the size of your needs you may need to purchase more storage space from some suppliers.

Contact Management Host Options: Three options exist here, cloud-based, on-premise, and mobile access.

Sales and Marketing: Inquire about advanced features like competitor tracking, email marketing systems, lead follow-up tools, and sales quote preparation. Additionally, you may be interested in inventory management tools and forecasting options.

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