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Best Hot Tubs for Out DoorsWhen it comes to finding Out Door Hot Tubs comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

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Taking a soak for relaxation, social, or medicinal purposes was a tradition favored by nearly every ancient civilization. Today, the outdoor hot tub is still both the star of parties and a quiet place for solitude. Thinking through options and choosing carefully is the key to making your outdoor hot tub match your vision and lifestyle.


The Best Outdoor Hot Tub for YOU

Determining the primary use of your hot tub for the backyard will help you narrow down choices.

CAPACITY: Will your tub mainly be for one or two people or a big family/party gathering? Do you prefer a bench or lounge seating? Hot tubs generally range in capacities of two to eight, so choose one that fits your needs.

FUNCTION: Do you have target areas you need jets to massage and soothe? The placement of jets in your hot tub is crucial and not to be confused with the number of jets, which matters less for those with specific needs.

SIZE: Be sure to measure the area you plan to place the tub outdoors—use a rope to help you visualize it. And tubs aren’t just measurements of length-times-width. Be sure to think about depth, especially if children will be using the tub.

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Keeping Your Outdoor Hot Tub Clean

There are many types of cleaning and filtration systems on the market today, each with advantages and disadvantages. To always make your outdoor hot tub a fresh retreat, consider each option carefully.

Chemical Sanitizers: Using a chemical sanitizer with chlorine or bromine is the most common and easy-to-test way to clean your hot tub outside. However, sanitizers generally leave a scent that stays in hair and swimsuits though some well-known brands offer sanitizer solutions that eliminate the chemical odor. A tub that depends only on chemical sanitizers will cost less upfront but the cost of frequent cleaning can add up.

Ozone Filtration: Built into the tub and used in conjunction with a reduced amount of sanitizer, an ozone system will cost more upfront ($150-$500) but reduce your sanitizer costs and time spent on maintenance.

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Ionizer Filtration: Less common copper, silver, and zinc ionizer filtration systems work with a small (some say zero) amount of sanitizer to eliminate or clump contamination. Ionizers can be worth the higher upfront cost for a nearly-chemical-free experience and water that has a naturally-balanced pH.

Keep in mind that with filtration comes the potential for added noise – but many hot tubs offer noise reduction systems.

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Hot Tubs

Many companies offer energy-efficient tubs. These tubs can pay for extra upfront costs with the savings in electric bills. Cost per month depends on usage, the tub’s insulation, and average outdoor temperature. Use an energy calculator to see if energy-efficient is a good fit for you!

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A hot tub for outdoors brings the medicinal and relaxation benefits of a club membership shvitz to the convenience and privacy of your backyard. Whether you combine it with a good book or a plunge in the snow is entirely your prerogative.


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