4 Important Things to Look For When Buying Promotional Products for Your Business

Whether you're a real estate agent, financial adviser, or local coffee shop trying to break into the industry, one great way to spread awareness of what you do is to purchase promotional products. Mugs, pens, t-shirts, stress balls, sunglasses, magnets and bottle openers are all used as marketing tools because they have proven results.

As one of the best ways to market your product or service, promotional items not only build awareness of your business through the placement of logos, these items are inherently share-able. That means they're easy to pass out at tradeshows, business conventions, fairs, and other events. People will take a pen, for example, use it for awhile, forget it somewhere, and then someone else will claim it as their own, and so on. The chance for exposure is high.

Promotional Products

Check out these four things to look for when buying promotional products for your business.

  • Consider the demographic of your audience. This will depend on the type of business you own of course. Let's say you own a toy shop in the center of town. You'll want to target young families with small children, so examples of great promotional items may be t-shirts, balloons, books, cube puzzles, jumbo pens and sunglasses.
  • Make sure the product is actually useful. No sense in buying promotional products that have no inherent use for your customers. In fact, the Product Association International as reported by LinkedIn says the key reason for keeping any promotional product is usefulness. These items can include computer products, health and safety products and writing instruments such as pens. Think about who your audience is and what they would most like to receive – what would bring them the most value?
  • Go for quality. Yes, you're giving away free items, but this doesn’t mean they have to be cheap. And even though people love getting free stuff, they will often just toss those items in the trash later when they discover they don't work properly. Now you’ve spent money on items that just found a permanent home in the garbage. You might as well throw your money away. Invest in high quality items that will last, such as pens that write well, calculators and durable drinking cups.
  • Branch out. Just because the competition is giving out key chains en masse doesn't mean this is the right step for you. Remember, your goal is to stand out from the crowd, not blend in. Keep relevancy and usefulness in mind when buying promotional products, as well as that unique factor that will get you noticed.

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Author: Hudson Piccini

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