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Top 10 EMR Software ReviewWhen it comes to finding  Electronic Medical Records Software – EMR Software comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top Rated EMR software solutions, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Useful Tips to Buy the Best Electronic Health Records Software for Your Practice

According to 2014 Black Book rankings, only 50.7% of physicians are satisfied with their Electronic Health Record (EHR), while more than 40% are seeking to change their existing systems. It is common knowledge that selecting the right EHR software can improve patient care and save money and time for your practice. But the question arises, how can you buy the right EHR for your practice?

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Before deciding the right vendor for your practice, conduct a thorough research of the health technology market. Assuming you wouldn’t have enough time to do that on your own, hire a business consultant who can do the analysis for you. Based on that analysis, contact the vendor and ask the following questions before signing the contract.

 Does this EMR software meet my practice needs?

The first step is to identify your requirements from the new EHR software and see if the software meets them accordingly. Questions can be specific to your practice and general, depending what you are expecting from your EHR.

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The most pertinent questions to ask from your vendor:

  • Is the EHR system user-friendly?
  • Does it ensure the security and privacy of practice files and patients’ data?
  • Does the vendor offer backup for my practice files?
  • Is the system Cloud-Based?
  • Does the vendor offer integrated EHR and Practice Management solution?
  • Is the system certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2?
  • Can it help me meet PQRS requirements?
  • Does the system fulfill my specialty demands?
  • Does the vendor offer customized clinical notes to meet my specialty requirements?
  • Is it HIPAA compliant?
  • How often does the system upgrade?

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Can I afford top electronic medical software solution?

The next question to ask the vendor is about the cost of the EMR system and the mode of payment. There are vendors that do not charge high, but offer paid customer support to their clients. There are others who charge hefty amounts for their product, but offer free upgrades and customer support.

Therefore, it’s necessary to ask the following details:

  • What are the payment options that the vendor offers?
  • Will I have to pay the complete amount upfront?
  • Does the vendor offer discounts on purchasing more than one products or an integrated solution?
  • Are there any add on services provided by the vendor?
  • Does the vendor charge for system upgrades?
  • Does my current hardware require any upgrades?
  • Are there any charges for customized workflow templates?

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Will the implementation of the new EHR be easy?

The implementation process of a new system is always crucial. Whether the transition is from paper to electronic or one EHR vendor to another, the implementation is always a hassle. Therefore, to avoid the headache, discuss a transition plan with the vendor to check if they are up to the challenge.



Ask them the following questions:

  • What is the timeline for EHR implementation?
  • Will the implementation start right after the contract is signed?
  • Does the vendor provide onsite training to the practice staff?
  • What assistance can the vendor provide for transferring data?
  • What support do I receive during and after the implementation?
  • Is there any cost for the customer support?

Purchasing a Cloud-based EHR will enable you to avoid lot of implementation hassle and will prove to cost-effective for the practice; therefore, before making any decision find out if your practice can afford a server based system.


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Buying Tips for Electronic Medical Records Software – EMR

For hospitals, dental offices, primary care or health care facilities there are many benefits and advantages to Electronic Medical Records and you need the best practice management software solution and EMS billing service available. The new move towards electronic medical records is taking off slowly as doctor’s surgeries change from paper records to electronic media. A distinct advantage with electronic medical records is you don’t need to consider storage space in your office for paper records. Filing systems can take a lot of space that can be put towards looking after more patients and providing a better service. The transition from paper to electronic storage can be a difficult time as all staff including doctors get used to a new system of keeping records. By having an electronic medical record system you are offering a better level of care for all of your patients as more information can be stored electronically.

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Advantages of having  Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR Medical Records) far outweigh the disadvantages of implementing the system. You need less space, health care records are easier and quicker to access, improved accuracy in collecting data as most systems have prompter’s to make all information complete, reduced overhead costs as less staff are needed and you don’t need to keep buying supplies and risk management of patients can be done more effectively. Some medical records have been created for specialists and you will need to look carefully at each system to determine which one is right for your practice. Also some are designed for large practices with several medical personnel and others are designed for a practice with a few general practitioners. The more extensive the package is, the more expensive it will be.

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Your electronic medical records system can also include the billing procedures to make a complete electronic medical health record system.

For a medical billing service one tip when purchasing the best electronic medical records software is to decide if you want it to include the billing process. You may already have an electronic billing company that works well and if you like this system, look at just buying a medical record package.

Another tip is to not pay any money until the system is up and working to your satisfaction. You need to know that the system will not interrupt work flow practices and be easy for everyone to use. Also you will need to negotiate a payment plan for a third-party monitored system. This is often done by larger practices that have many different medical specialists accessing other medical offices such as Imaging and blood tests.

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Finally, when it comes to EMR Software you also need to make sure that you have a good internet connection that is reliable to all of the places you need to access. This can make a huge difference in timing of patient work if the connection is always dropping out and you need to constantly look at reconnecting.

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