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BenefitMall Review

(844) 729-3628
4851 LBJ Freeway,
Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75244
spacerThe Good: BenefitMall's online payroll service offers a dedicated help desk for support with Affordable Care Act compliance. The platform also offers a well-rounded payroll software alongside great service options for running your payroll and taxes. BenefitMall's payroll system also offers an online payroll solution for businesses of various sizes, including small businesses.

The Bad:
BenefitMall's software does not give you the option of setting up payroll reminders.

Ranking 8 of 10
spacerTop 10 Best Rated:
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Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll)

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BenefitMall Review (formerly CompuPay):

BenefitMall is an online payroll service that can compete with all of the best in the business. The Dallas-based organization has a history of more than 200,000 clients and has a proven track record of ensuring that their clients are more than satisfied with their payroll services. The company has a proven history of ensuring that all legislative hurdles, regardless of the state or industry a client finds themselves in, are handled smoothly. This ensures that all employees receive their pay without errors or delays, keeping everyone in your organization happy.

BenefitMall has different levels of service to fit their clients that range from start-up to enterprise status. This is a strong mark in their favor because when you compare their different levels of service you see that instead of trying to provide a one-size-fits all solution, they have actually crafted different types of offerings to better suit different types of companies. For instance, large companies that need a more hands-on approach can opt for a service where a dedicated BenefitMall employee will handle all aspects of their account. Start-ups on the other hand can opt for the more affordable and straight forward online options where the vast majority of all payroll operations can be handled online with just a few clicks.

BenefitMall is a national provider of employee benefits, payroll, HR, and employer services. Headquartered in Dallas and founded in 1979, BenefitMall delivers payroll, HR and employee benefits to more than 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses. Combining efforts with Trusted Advisors, BenefitMall helps employers identify and provide the best benefits solutions for their employees ranging from medical and dental plans to accurate and timely payroll.

Consumer Reviews:

“You mean I can get automated service, rather than personalized, and less options for more money???” “Yes, we can set you up so you do your own processing, you don't have to talk to a real person, and we won't even send you a reminder! We'll give you less options, and all for more money!” This sounds crazy but it's exactly (sort of) how the conversation went with a competing payroll service provider – a major bank, to be more precise. BenefitMall [CompuPay] has been incredible. Reliable. With OUTSTANDING customer service and people that actually seem to care … imagine that! I did not switch over and would be insane to do so, even though I've banked with this institution since moving to the United States over 10 years ago! Gracias, CompuPay. I know you've got my back. – Monica N.
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