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Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) Review

Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll)
(800) 936-0383
500 Third St, Suite 405
San Francisco, CA 94107
spacerThe Good: Gusto lets businesses run payroll in minutes from any web-enabled device. The system automatically handles all payroll taxes, reporting, and compliance easily and seamlessly.

The Bad:
Gusto is an effective system, but mainly setup and geared towards small business which could present some limitations for larger firms.

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Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll)

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Gusto Review (formerly ZenPayroll):

Started in 2011,

Gusto is a top online payroll service that you might not be familiar with immediately, if you knew it previously under the former name of ZenPayroll. Gusto offers a great deal for small businesses looking to utilize an online payroll service to help manage their payroll. At only $25 per month for the basic service package, Gusto can offer small companies savings by automating processes that might otherwise require the services of another firm at a much higher rate.

How you rank the pros and cons of Gusto depends largely on what kind of an organization you’re coming from. For small organizations, the light-weight, mobile platform that can be operated from any device with access to the web is ideal. For larger corporations however, Gusto may not be optimal for the demands of managing dozens or hundreds of employees in multiple locations. However, for the past two years it has now offered its services across the country, so small businesses in any state can take advantage of this online payroll service. The reporting services will also be more than comprehensive enough for small business owners, while larger companies may want for some depth that is better obtained through a more robust product.

Consumer Reviews:

“ZenPayroll makes payroll a seamless headache free experience. Hiring employees is easy, and you can do it all online. The best thing is that they file all of your paperwork for you. Never again do you need to fill out new hire paperwork, mail it in, wait for confirmation and cross your fingers that everything went well. ZenPayroll saves countless hours in hiring, HR, payroll runs and filing unlike any other payroll company we've seen. Employees can even fill out their own information and all you have to do is send them an email.” – Alex L.
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Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll)