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Best Recruiting Software Buying Guide & Reviews

The World Wide Web has commoditized virtually every aspect of the type of industry or business, offering any information imaginable with the click of a few buttons. While commoditization has changed the way in which business is transacted, there is still one thing that separates a top organization from an average one, and that’s talent.

Leading organizations understand and embrace the notion that talent offers one of the only true competitive advantages today. The margin of error is greatly reduced in the realm of small to mid-sized businesses. When this notion is applied to the area of talent acquisition, hiring the best talent possible is more critical than ever. This is where HR Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking Systems make a huge difference.

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Recruitment software solutions come in various forms from free packages to complex and costly software that has lots of features that you may or may not need or use. The market for this type of software is not organized and many software packages are very different from each other. The software packages vary from management products to those that interface with your web sites and accounting packages that include an interactive feature with suppliers, clients, candidates, and staff.

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Top Brands Include:

  • Lever
  • Zoho
  • Freshworks
  • BambooHR

There are several steps that need to be taken into account when purchasing recruitment software and these are to understand the needs and goals of your business, to compare different solutions, implement your new system, and finally being able to measure the outcomes that are provided by the software system purchased. By getting the technology right you can expect to see a reduction in recruitment costs, more candidates attracted, and better management of work flow.

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Categories of top Recruitment Management Software that are currently available that need to be assessed include Client-server vs. web-based, vendor solutions vs. in-house systems, recruitment system vs. database, and standard vs. customized software solutions. Many of the web-based systems, software as a service have been found to have an inferior system of delivery. The user interface does not have enough parameters to satisfy many companies or agencies. Also with this system, your database is not on-site and this puts all information at the risk posed by external hosting.

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When looking for the best recruitment software systems be sure to focus on the usability of the system and on the level of automation and its ability to facilitate a best practice workflow. The applicant tracking software should allow you to communicate easily and professionally with all parties in the way of letters, emails, and such that are created automatically by the software. You should also look for a customer relationship management or CRM feature.

Another suggestion is to have a clear budget in mind, your expectation wanted from the software, the time frame of implementing the software, and the technology platform you require. With all of this in mind, you need the system to be flexible enough to be customized for your specific needs. Compare several different software systems that all offer the features you are looking for. Look at the costs and the structure of the software programs to make sure that you are getting value for money and a good return on your investment.

Lastly, you should carefully consider online reviews about top suppliers of recruitment software from companies like Recruiterbox, Newtown Software, Zoho, and ICMS and consider comparing side by side quotes to get the best deal in the marketplace.

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