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Pros and Cons About Vehicle Tracking Solutions: Silent Passenger's dynamic fleet management and telematics platform, offers a full suite of the most advanced software features needed for you to make data-driven decisions that improve fleet safety, efficiency, and productivity across your organization- driving cost-savings and operational excellence that result in maximized profits. They offer a fully customizable API integrations system that can help gain actionable business intelligence data and enable you to stay “ahead of the curve” with predictive analytics. With their SP Safety module, they can help monitor unsafe driving behaviors, provide real-time safety alerts, and minimize risks and accidents. Plus, they can help with overall fleet efficiency, ultimately reducing costs and maximizing profits. They are based right here in the U.S. and they pride themselves on customer service- meaning their customers always come first!

One of their current customers was experiencing an unacceptable uptick in driver accidents. The associated expenses for vehicle repair, lost time and insurance premiums were all escalating at alarming rates- to the point the insurance company threatened to drop them if something did not change. That is when they stepped in and showed them the robust functionality and data analytics that they can use. By implementing SP Safety and its customizable reporting capabilities, they began analyzing key metrics and informatics that they could turn into actionable data — vital information they could use to score and coach drivers and improve their behavior on the road. Such critical analytics included:

• Excessive speeding

• Rapid acceleration

• Hard braking

• Extensive and frequent idling. 

Not only did SP Safety help them improve driver behavior and reduce accidents, but they also lowered their insurance premiums by 10%- ultimately saving them a substantial amount of money each year. 

Estimated Annual Sales: $1 Million+
Employee Size: 10+
Year Business Started: 2002
Credit Score: A+

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Vehicle Tracking Solutions Review