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Best Above Ground Hot TubsWhen it comes to finding Above Ground Hot Tubs comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top above-ground hot tubs, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.


Best Hot Tub Brands

1-Master Spas

Master Spa's product line-up includes four unique brands, each with its own individual qualities. Getaway Hot Tubs makes smaller more affordable spas; Clarity Spas offers midrange pricing and seats two to seven people in it for example while the Twilight Series provides luxury options too but there are no customizations such as jetting or LED lights available from Master Spas itself however they do sell plenty of upgrades which include individual jets so you can customize your hot tub experience anyways. The Michael Phelp Legend series is a high-end offering nothing extra other than what every owner would have access to without having an expensive purchase.

Master Spas is a leading manufacturer of swim spas, portable hot tubs, and accessories. We have the largest selection in our industry with over 100 models to choose from including luxury ones for your backyard or an RV trip! Master Spa's management team has more than 200 years combined experience making these products which means you're getting one-of-a-kind service every time.



ThermoSpas offers customers an opportunity to fully customize their hot tub. They can choose from a variety of features, omit any that they don't find useful, and save money on the overall cost by not including them in order for it to be as energy-efficient as its 100 jets!

The brand also provides free checkups so users never need to worry about having issues when using or maintaining this product.

ThermoSpas is a company that manufactures and inspects all of the spas for quality control before passing inspection. The process includes water testing to make sure every component is operating correctly, as well as drying out any remaining moisture inside or on top of your spa so it leaves you with an impeccably clean product.

ThermoSpas® gives you the freedom to customize your hot tub with features that fit both budget and needs. With direct access from the manufacturer, there's no need for expensive installation fees or long wait times at retail stores.


3-Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas has been the premier spa destination for over 40 years. With five series of spas, they are sure to have an option that fits any budget.

Sundance Spas have been in business since 1979 and it shows. With a decades-long history of selling high-quality hot tubs, Sundancers know how to make your day with their durable shells that will last longer than you do! They offer five series for any need; whether stylish or simple–they've got something perfect just waiting near the bottom (or top) dollar range too so don't be afraid if the concrete isn’t really up to your alley because they have affordable options.

Sundance Spas is built on trust and excellence. They have been a leader in the industry for decades, so it's only natural that our customers come back over time because they know what an outstanding experience awaits them at any one of these dealerships.


4-Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog’s spa series offers five different tub designs, from the M-style massage to an A seat with adjustable jets. What sets this brand apart? The JetPak Therapy System provides 18 customizable options for various types of massages at your leisure! You can choose between 16 backrest styles and mix n match them as desired – not only will you feel rejuvenated but so too may those around to loud and their needs
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5-Hot Spring

HotSpring offers an alternative to hot tubs with more chemicals. With the option of setting up any one of their models using salt water instead, which requires fewer treatments and helps keep your water clean without having as many spots on its surface or irritating odors coming from it after use; owning a Hot Spring spa can be low maintenance even if you have 3 people always going in at once! You'll find 20 different types ranging between 2-3 seat capacity all way up 22+ jets depending on what type suits best how big is comfortable.


6-Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas has been the leader in hydrotherapy hot tubs for years. They offer a variety of options and upgrades, including audio systems with LED entry lighting or aromatherapy fragrances that can help you relax during your time away from work! Each one also comes standardly equipped with an exceptional cover which will keep it safe when not being used.

A few things should be noted here: 1) The company specializes only on these types 2), It's clear they put plenty of effort into making sure each product stands out3). With so many features available at this point – covers aren't always included.

The phrase “The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™” is something that has been embraced by the Marquis® brand. This includes an experience with customers, considering and buying their hot tubs from a dealer networked together to form this family-owned company called The Marquis Group; as well operating them over time through maintenance methods like preventative care plans or routine repairs when needed without breaking your bank account in order for you enjoy using it at its fullest potential–and lastly having fun while doing so.



Jacuzzi has been a familiar name in the hot tub and spa industry for decades. They use acrylic rather than fiberglass, which they claim provides eight times more strength; their jets create strong massage effects by utilizing 50% water with air mixed into it – making them perfect if you want something relaxing at home or on vacation! With stores across America selling Jacuzzis without fail (including major retailers such as Home Depot), this brand is widely accessible even when not carrying inventory yourself.

Jacuzzi sets the standard by which all wellness products are measured. The Jacuzzi® Brand has been producing designs made to our demanding standards for 60 years, and we will not compromise on performance or ease of use any longer than necessary! Imitation may be flattering but only innovation can produce a product like ours – designed with longevity in mind so you don't have to worry about it breaking down.


8- Cal Spas

Cal Spa's hot tubs provide a diverse and customizable experience. With 51 different models to choose from, you are sure to find one suited for your needs! The company also offers customization options such as saltwater sanitation with other upgrades that may be desirable in this day of health-conscious customers looking for more than just relaxing hydrotherapy benefits – they want state-of-the-art technology too! There are two unique shapes: square or oval shape depending on preference; plus triangular spas by popular demand which create edgy yet sleek designs perfect if style is what excites most about owning an incredible piece.

The Cal Spas story begins 43 years ago at a crowded county fair. The year was 1978 and California Acrylic Industries was looking for ways to exhibit their pools in tight spaces, so they came up with the idea of making small-scale versions out metal formed acrylic hot tubs called Miniatures which sparked interest from customers who wanted these igloo-sized hydrotherapy tunnels as well! A few months later CAI took another leap by producing larger Walk In Pools (WIPS) – this time without any risk because it had already been proven successful elsewhere around Southern California.


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Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need Hot Tub prices please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business.


Buying Advice and Reviews for Above Ground Hot Tubs

You’ve decided to buy an above-ground hot tub, which is the smart choice for your situation—above-ground hot tubs tend to be more affordable upfront than in-ground and require less maintenance. Above-ground hot tubs can usually be placed much closer to your house, and are almost always preheated and ready for you to soak. On top of that, they generally cost less per month to run than in-ground. However, you aren’t done yet! When choosing your perfect above ground hot tub, there are many options to consider.

Making Your Above Ground Hot Tub Convenient For You

An above-ground hot tub has the benefits of easier installation and maintenance than an in-ground hot tub, but there are still a few factors to consider.

Grounds: Most hot tubs require a 3-4 inch thick slab of level concrete upon which to rest, so make sure you build and/or measure your space before purchasing.

Above Ground Hot Tub Review

Maintenance: Tubs with built-in ozone or ionization filtration systems save money and time in the long run with reduced or zero need for chemical sanitizers. If you’re looking for savings upfront, a hot tub that only requires sanitizers will cost less but require weekly maintenance and sanitizer—purchase sanitizer brands with no odor to avoid the chlorine scent. To keep your hot tub fresh, choose one with a cleaning system to fit your preferences.

Budget: When calculating your budget for a hot tub, be sure to consider the energy bill.

Best Hot Tubs

Energy-efficient models should earn back their additional upfront costs with a lower energy bill—good for your wallet and for the environment! Use an energy calculator to estimate your projected budget.

Customize Your Above Ground Hot Tub

Now for the fun part: customizing and designing the hot tub to complement your aesthetics and lifestyle.

Appearance: Above ground hot tubs come in a wide range of colors and finishes. Take a look at the grounds where you’re putting your hot tub and decide: a rustic wood-paneling cabinet with a white marble interior or perhaps a ritzy stone exterior with a sparkly blue finish on the inside? Would a triangular-shaped hot tub fit the corner of your patio or does your surrounding garden beg for an oval design?

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Accessorize: When picking out jets, remember that placement is more important than quantity. If possible, test out the hot tub to make sure the jets are the perfect position and strength for your target massage needs. Looking for more than simple relaxation? Many hot tubs include lights, waterfalls, and even televisions! And don’t forget the basic questions: how many people is your hot tub for? Do you want a bench, molded, or lounge seats?

An above-ground hot tub adds a welcome treat to almost any backyard or patio. If you’re having trouble choosing, just remember that the ‘best’ hot tub is simply the one that is best for YOU.


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