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Top 10 Hot TubsWhen it comes to finding Hot Tubs comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top-rated hot tubs, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.

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Jacuzzi, CalSpas, Dimension One, Garden Spas, – and more. Having a hot water tub with jets on your property does wonders for the mind and body.

But shopping for one can make you feel like that first long soak isn't worth it – that is unless you get the low down on hot tub reviews before you start.

That was our goal when we put together this collection of in-depth hot tub reviews, start learning below.

Best Hot Tub Brands Chart

Before you start your search, you need to know which are the Ferraris of the hot tub world and which are the Fords. Different brands do have different qualities and different specializations.

Here's our opinion on the top five brands below.

  1. Jacuzzi

Best Hot Tub Brands - LogosJacuzzi gets the number one spot because they're one of the oldest, and they have a ton of options. They've been making hot tubs a long time and seem to have hit a sweet spot of innovation and quality.

PRICE RANGE: $1,700 – $13,000

The company's product line includes bathtubs, hot tubs, and pools; saunas (once called “jacuzzis”) which are now exclusively sold separately from the brand name signaling its declining market share in this category); spa equipment for commercial use such as whirlpool baths or treatment bays with showers off-site access via an elevator.

A leading manufacturer of residential water filtration systems headquartered near Boston Massachusetts has been producing these items under famous trademarks since 1978 when they were first registered by attorney Alan Howard representing client Jacuzzi Incorporated – one example being their popular JX3400 model which retails at $1K but requires only plumbing skills.

5 Star Review

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  1. Hot Spring

Another older company, Hot Spring, gets high marks. They have powerful jets and are highly customizable when it comes to building models. Our favorite feature is the SmartJet® system, which lets you pick which jets you want on for maximum pressure. See review here.

PRICE RANGE: $6,500 – $15,000

For over 40 years, Hot Spring's commitment to excellence in engineering and design can be seen by industry firsts. They were the first company with fully insulated hot tubs that also had underwater lighting as well as top loading filters; these features are now standard across all other brands on today's market. Another one of many milestones achieved was when they introduced Moto-Massage®, which gave people their very own private spa session at home – no need for expensive treatments anymore (or less).

5 Star Review

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  1. Bullfrog Spas

If you're into having a ton of jets (yes, quality ones) then you should look into Bullfrog brands. They're the only manufacturer with the JetPack Therapy System. They hold the patent for this one of a kind feature.

It has the most customizable options when it comes to jets and add-ons like music integration. Read our full review.

PRICE RANGE: $5,500 – $12,200

Bullfrog International has been in business since 1997, and its mission statement is to “design and manufacture the world's best hot tubs.” The company designs high-end products with a branded feature called JetPak Therapy System which helps heal pain by providing therapeutic water jets on your back.

In February of last year Jerry Pasley replaced Executive Vice President at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs & Sundance Spas as CEO for BullFrog before he was established here let us introduce him: In his time there were major changes happening internally–becoming more than just overseeing sales but also marketing strategy across all levels within an organization.

5 Star Review

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  1. Caldera Spas

Are you an athlete? Do you need a hot tub mostly for the muscle relaxation benefit? Then the Caldera Spas models are for you. They offer three popular series, all of which offer warm water massage therapy.

You can't go wrong with the Utopia, Paradise, or Vacanza models. See Review.

PRICE RANGE: $4,300 -$14,500

Caldera® spas are designed with a special kind of comfort in mind. Whether you want to relax and enjoy your surroundings or beat the winter blues by taking some time out from life's stresses – Caldera has everything for everyone. With hot tubs that range between 15-50kW heaters (with more than enough jets), as well as an option to add on electricity worries via solar panels; there is truly something available no matter what your needs may be.

When you're looking for a backyard oasis, it doesn't get much better than the Caldera spa. The seats are crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and space while still maintaining an elegant design that will make your guests want to come back again. With high-tech entertainment features like scintillating lights, in addition, stylish furniture with innovative color choices available on our online store or at any one of stores across Canada; there's no limit as to what kind of customizations they can do.

5 Star Review

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  1. Master Spas

On the lower end of fabulous (but still top five), we have Master Spas. They're unique in that their jets go all the way up and down the body, not just focusing on your upper back.

Work with the options online to get ergonomic seats or adjustable jets. Learn More Here.

PRICE RANGE: $4,000 – $9,000

A premium American company that has been supplying hot tubs and swim spas for three decades, Master Spas is the largest in America. They offer a wide variety of products to suit your needs- whether you want relief from pain or pure relaxation; superior therapeutic exercise aides or something more creative than ever imagined. No matter what product appeals most to you as a customer, rest assured knowing there will be an option available.

5 Star Review

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List of the Best Hot Tub Models 

If you're choosing this time to buy a new hot tub, then you need to know which you should prioritize.

That's why we've included our top ten picks for this year; you can get a head start reading them below.

  1. Hudson Bay Spays 5 Person 13 Jet Plug

This hot tub from Hudson Bay has everything you need for a couple or a small family. It has LED lights, waterfall detail, and luxurious jets and seats.

It doesn't take up a lot of space, so it's great if you have a small yard. It's easy to operate and set up, so it's soaked ready.

PRICE RANGE: $1,700 – $2,300

5 Star Review

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  1. Essential Hot Tubs – Sanctity Model

Essential Hot Tubs - Sanctity ModelThis hot tub is not only durable, but it's also a good party hot tub, as it holds up to seven people.

All of those people can be super comfortable with the “captain chairs” and awesome hydrotherapy. The heater is high-scale, meaning you'll be happy year round.

Size-wise, it's big, so don't pick this one if you don't have a lot of room.

PRICE RANGE: $3,500 – $4,600

5 Star Review

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  1. Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Hot TubOn the smaller side (4 people) we have this Rock Solid Simplicity model. It's all one color, which makes it attractive to look at. It looks like sandstone and will blend in with basically any surrounding.

It only has 13 jets, but they work hard, definitely quality, and not quantity.

Only buy this tub if the site you're buying from offers their own warranty, because Lifesmart doesn't give you much of one.

PRICE RANGE: $1,900 – $2,400

5 Star Review

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  1. Aston 6-Person Spa with 30 Jets

Aston 6-Person Spa with 30 Jets Hot TubAre you looking for a medium-sized hot tub that will fit in a small space? Then this model is for you. It has an ozone sanitizing system and some pretty secure insulation.

It's budget-friendly too and built to fit into tight corners. If you're tight on space and budget, try this tub on for size.

PRICE RANGE: $4,750 – $5,200

5 Star Review

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  1. Aqua Rest Spas AR-300

Aqua Rest Spas AR-300Why they named this spa to sound like a gun, we don't know. But it's a great choice if you only want a hot tub for two people. It's small and rather portable, as far as size goes.

The seats have lumbar support, and there are 7 jets per user. It's perfect for newlyweds or empty nesters.

PRICE RANGE: $2,300 – $3,000

5 Star Review

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  1. Canadian Spa Company Toronto 44 Jet

Canadian Spa Company Toronto 44 JetIf you want something with high-quality jets, but also a lot of high-tech features, then this is the tub for you. It holds around six people, and that works out to about 7 jets each.

It even comes with its own cover, so there's no expense in buying a separate one.

PRICE RANGE: $9,600 – $11,000

5 Star Review

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  1. American Spas AM-756BS

American Spas AM-756BS Hot TubIt's just a coincidence that this model from American comes after the model from the Canadian Spa Company. This model has a six-person capacity, like it's Canadian sibling, along with customizable jets.

It's user-friendly and comes with Bluetooth built-in speakers. With two colors to choose from, you'll be itching to hop in.

PRICE RANGE: $5,000 – $5,600

5 Star Review

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  1. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot TubSince we talked about hot tub types, we couldn't leave an inflatable tub out of our review. This one from Coleman is both a wallet and a crowd-pleaser.

It's easy to set up and comes with its own pump system. The pump is somehow powerful without eating up electricity bills. If you have to stay inflatable or portable, this is the model for you.

PRICE RANGE: $340 – $405

5 Star Review

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  1. Jacuzzi J-470

Jacuzzi J-470 Hot TubAlright, are you so into your hot tub that you want one that won awards? Well, you can get that with the Jacuzzi model. It won an award in 2010 and the more recent models have just gotten better.

It seats six to seven adults and has adjustable headrests, to account for different heights.

PRICE RANGE: $8,000+

5 Star Review

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  1. CalSpa Octagon

CalSpa OctagonWe thought we'd end our list with the biggest model: the Octagon XL. It fits around seven adults and is a unique shape. This hot tub doesn't have a fantastic jet system, but it's great for social butterflies who want to dip their wings in.

It's also our only in-ground model on this list, so keep that in mind.

PRICE RANGE: $6,000+

5 Star Review

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Hot Tub?

Who doesn't like a long hot soak at the end of a hard day? And the kind that doesn't involve having to clean out the bathtub?

No one, that's who. But there are other benefits to owning a hot tub other than it just feeling great.

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Hot Tubs Reduce Stress

Not only does hot water calm down a body that's wound up, but having a place that's only for relaxing makes it even better. Getting in the hot tub is almost something meditative if you're doing it just for yourself.

The jets in the hot tub also provide relief for your muscles, like a mini water massage. No worrying about having to strip down in front of a stranger and lay on an uncomfortable table here.

Spas Help With Arthritis

If you don't have arthritis, then you can never understand the level of pain. Think of it like your bones rubbing against each other, every time they move. Like going down a water slide, dry.

Soaking in a hot tub relaxes the muscles that get tense around your bones and joints. It can't give you any joint fluid back, but it can give you some pain relief.

Also, some users report the warm water provides relief from neuropathy. If you suffer from neuropathy or chronic foot pain, check out our Neuro Ease Review for more tips on relief.

Hot Tubs Promote Weight Loss

For whatever reason, soaking in the hot tub can help you with your weight loss goals. Apparently, it has to do with the hot water relaxing the muscles and enhancing the results of the exercise.

Hot Tub Types

Top Hot Tub WinnerWhen you think about a hot tub, most people think of the kind in people's backyards. Those are portable hot tubs, though they're not easy to move.

Portable Hot Tubs

Portable is a vague word when it comes to hot tubs. It takes a team of people and sometimes even machines to move a hot tub. But the kind of hot tubs that aren't built into the ground qualify as portable hot tubs.

These hot tubs are self-contained and made to attach to the outlets outside of a home. There are the most options when it comes to type and size for these hot tubs.

We'll talk more about size later.

In Ground Hot Tubs

If you have a pool at your home already or have a lot of land, in-ground hot tubs are a better choice. They're the kind you always see at hotels or public pools.

These are sometimes called permanent hot tubs. You'll need to have someone come and install it for you since they have to run plumbing underground. Though that's costly, it will up the resale value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Soft or Inflatable Hot Tubs

The least common type of hot tub is like an inflatable pool but for a hot tub. They are the kind you'll want to get if you're determined to get some hot tub time in, but you can't put a big one on your property.

Some people even bring them with them on long-term camping trips, like when they have an RV. There are still jets in an inflatable hot tub, but they won't be quite as powerful.

Hot Tub Sizes

When it comes to deciding how big of a hot tub you'll need, don't worry about having to learn gallon sizes. Most hot tubs nowadays note how many people they're for. Smaller hot tubs hold four to six people, while bigger ones can manage eight to ten.

It's all about how many people you imagine going in your hot tub at one time. If you have a big family, then get a bigger hot tub. But if you think you'll max out at six most of the time, you can opt for a six-person model.

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Hot Tub Features To Consider 

You know that your hot tub needs jets, a heating element, and seats, but what else? If you've never owned a hot tub before, it's easy to get confused about which of the features you actually need.

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But not anymore, here's our guide to necessary and luxury features below.

Practical Features

When you have a hot tub, some of the features are for fun, and some are for function. Like the insulation that keeps the water warm – that's as functional as it gets.

Make sure the hot tub that you're buying has full-foam insulation, especially if you live somewhere cold. You may be able to get away with less than full foam insulation in the southern states.


Another not-sexy but a necessary feature to think about is the warranty. What's going to happen if you do all this research and still have an issue with your hot tub? You won't be happy.

You need to make sure there's a worthwhile warranty on the unit you're buying. That includes manufacturer defects and regular use issues down the line.

Ozone Sanitation

This isn't a need, but it's a reasonable want. If you're opting to use fewer chemicals with your hot tub, like saline, then you'll want an ozone sanitation unit. Think of it like those sanitation lights or chambers you can get for your toothbrush.

They clean the water so you don't have to use as many chemicals that will eventually get on your skin.

Seat Type

Okay – if you're buying a hot tub online, then this is hard to do, but you need to feel out the hot tub seats. Are they what you imagined for your hot tub?

For example, how low are the seats? If you have long hair and don't want to get it wet, will your hair be above water level, even if it's up? Shorter people need to worry about this more than taller people, but sometimes the seat is just too low.

Fun Features

Now that we've gotten the practicalities out of the way, we can talk about the good stuff. Let's start with those high pressure massaging jets!

Good Jets

When it comes to hot tub jets, like so many other things, the motto is quality, not quantity. You could buy a hot tub with tons of jets but learn that it spreads the water pressure out too thin.

You want to look for jets that are high-performance and the best are jets that do about 30-40 gallons per minute.

If there are a lot of jets, it increases the size of the pump you need. Bigger pumps take more electricity and will run up your bill.

Customized Hot Tubs 

Now that you have an idea of what benefits you want from your hot tub, the size, the type, and the features you need, it's time to talk about personalization.

What combination of those factors sounds right for you? You may need a hot tub that's small but has very powerful jets. You may want something big but that won't run up your electric bill.

Here's a list of things you should consider and then look for.

  • Size of the hot tub
  • Type
  • Water capacity
  • Jet type
  • Insulation type
  • Warranty
  • Seat type
  • Cost
  • Delivery
  • Sanitation system
  • The availability of maintenance accessories

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Drying Off

Wow! That was a lot of information! Hopefully, this hot tub review article left you feeling more educated and not overwhelmed.

But we hope that this isn't the last time you visit our site, we want to know what kind of tub you ended up with and what your personal review is. Were we red hot with our recommendations or just warm?

Want to compare some models for a personalized recommendation?

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