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What We Know About Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog International, LC is the parent company of Bullfrog Spas®. Bullfrog International designs and manufactures luxury hot tubs with their patented JetPak Therapy System™. JetPaks® are modular jetted spa seats so consumers car interchange and upgrade their hot tub's jets as needed. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area.

Bullfrog Hot Tub Prices:

Bullfrog Spas separates its pricing structure into 3 different categories: mid-tier, high-tier and luxury. The average price for a Bullfrog hot tub ranges between $4,000 to $10,000.

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Portable Spas & Hydrotherapy Bullfrog Hot Tubs

Cleaning Bullfrog Hot Tubs:

Bullfrog hot tubs are east to clean. You have two methods to cleaning the filter: 1) a quick clean and 2) a deep clean.

For either method you chose, simply remove the loose debris from the filter. When doing a quick clean, simply rinse the filter with a water hose. For a deeper clean, let you filter sit in a hot water mixed with filter cleaner for 24 hours and then rinse with cold water.

Winterizing Bullfrog Hot Tubs:

Winterizing the Bullfrog hot tub is easy to do. It also prevents your product from freezing during colder temperatures associated with winter time. To winterize a hot tub, just shut off the power, drain the water completely out, do a deep clean of the filters and shell, and lock the cover on it.

Hot Tubs By Bullfrog

You can absolutely modify this amazing hot tub with a sum of 177 jets. The four primary seats each have a jet pack with solace pads. The corners have jets, and there are foot, wrist, hip and leg planes all through the hot tub.  Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs caring the patented JetPak Therapy System. JetPaks are modular jetted spa seats.

The spa delivers up to 16 JetPaks to fully customize your spa experience, far more options than any other hot tub in the market. This spa truly lights up during the evening. The unit incorporates an inside LED framework, top-rail LED framework and an outside light framework, which light up your hot tub after dull.  The tub doesn't come standard with a sound framework worked in, however you can include one. The discretionary sound components incorporate speakers and assistant hookups for an iPod, MP3, Bluetooth and then some.  The two-speed pump circles water persistently through the unit. The aggregate pump brake strength on this unit is 4.8, and the aggregate pump consistent obligation torque is 2.5.

Estimated Annual Sales: $2 Million +
Employee Size: 50+
Year Business Started: 1996
Credit Score: A+

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Bullfrog X6L Ot Tub

Cons of Owner Bullfrog Hot Tubs:

Bullfrog Hot Tub come with pods that are not desirable as the can limit the locations where you can place jets.

At $399-$700 replacing the jets in your Bullfrog hot hot won't be cheap.

Many people have reported bacteria build up behind the pods in their hot tubs made in previous years, but new models seem to have resolved this problem.

Pros of Owner Bullfrog Hot Tubs:

Bullfrog Spas offers a long 10-year warranty on its hot tubs and spas. Each customer that buys their products have the option to repair any problems they might have with the products in the first 10 years of their purchase. Warm swirling water in a hot tub has also been shown to provide some temporary relief from neuropathy, foot and leg pain, and arthritis.

Bullfrog Spas offers a huge line of premium portable hot tubs in many various sizes, layouts, colors  and styles. 

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Pro's And Con's

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