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What We Know About Bullfrog Spas

You can absolutely modify this amazing hot tub with a sum of 177 jets. The four primary seats each have a jet pack with solace pads. The corners have jets, and there are foot, wrist, hip and leg planes all through the hot tub.  Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs caring the patented JetPak Therapy System. JetPaks are modular jetted spa seats. The spa delivers up to 16 JetPaks to fully customize your spa experience, far more options than any other hot tub in the market. This spa truly lights up during the evening. The unit incorporates an inside LED framework, top-rail LED framework and an outside light framework, which light up your hot tub after dull.  The tub doesn’t come standard with a sound framework worked in, however you can include one. The discretionary sound components incorporate speakers and assistant hookups for an iPod, MP3, Bluetooth and then some.  The two-speed pump circles water persistently through the unit. The aggregate pump brake strength on this unit is 4.8, and the aggregate pump consistent obligation torque is 2.5.

Estimated Annual Sales: $2 Million +
Employee Size: 50+
Year Business Started: 1996
Credit Score: A+

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Bullfrog Spas Review March 29, 2016