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Top 10 ReviewsGarden Spas
4720 N Lamb Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89115
(877) 775-3478


Overall Review: Top 10 Hot Tub And Spa Dealer



What We Know About Garden Spas

Garden Spas are eloquently crafted to fulfill the quality standards of even the most discriminating hot tub buyers; those who require quality and a highly aesthetic appeal.  The most popular units are the Gardenia, Azales, Iris, Camellia, Hibiscus, and the Hygrangea hot tubs. While all designs review very well, our favorite is the Garden Spas Azalea series, which is a two-person hot tub with both upright and lounge seating, and its powerful water jets give your body a full body massage from your neck down to the bottom of your feet. Grab a Skeeter Strike bug zapper and relax in your spa pest-free at night. The Garden Spas have easy-to-use control panels with only four buttons. The control panel is on the edge of the unit near one of the seats, so access is east without getting out of the hot tub.

Estimated Annual Sales: $1 Million +
Employee Size: 20+
Year Business Started: 1968
Credit Score: A

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Pro's And Con's

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