Best Places For Office Furniture

Best Places To Buy Office Furniture

Looking for the best places to buy office furniture in 2019? Click here to find out our favorite office furniture retailers!

Guess what? Office furniture has officially become a $28 billion industry. If your jaw isn't on the floor yet, it should be.

That's because there are literally thousands of furniture manufacturers throughout the United States. Don't know where to look? Read on to find out our favorite office furniture retailers!

Why Office Furniture is Trending

Best Office FurnitureCurious about why office furniture is trending? The truth is, creating an inspirational workplace is the key to focusing throughout your day. And let's face it: putting some extra tender, love, and care into your work environment is a great way to get more work done.

No matter if you're a minimalist or a collector, your desk should be designed to encourage a more productive flow. Therefore, you should keep this part of your office space clear of any items that will distract you.

In a nutshell, adding more than one candy bowl on your desk isn't going to increase your productivity levels. Not sure where to buy office furniture? Luckily for you, we've compiled the best places to buy office furniture for you.

Whether it's a fancy wooden desk in your entryway or an ergonomic chair in your living room, we've got you covered. Not only do we include everyday furniture for the office like chairs and desks, but we've also got the 4-1-1 on cubicles.

Looking to buy office furniture? You've come to the right place. Read on to find out how to find out our favorite furniture tips and tricks!

Best Places to Buy Office Chairs

Office ChairsDying to know the best places to buy office chairs? Some of the most tried-and-true providers of office furniture include:

  • ABC Carpet & Home
  • Blu Dot
  • Ikea

Let's get real. There's no better place to get statement-looking chairs than ABC Carpet & Home. Not only are they known for their state-of-the-art office chairs, but they also manufacture tons of other luxurious office pieces.

As a matter of fact, ABC Carpet & Home is also known for selling custom pieces like desks and bookshelves too. So, you might as well add another piece of furniture to the mix while you're at it. We wouldn't blame you!

Have you ever heard of Blu Dot? If not, you're not alone. As a furniture company based in Minnesota, Blu Dot is an expert in making modern, stylish office pieces. On top of that, they don't shy from throwing a splash of color of their furniture either.

Best Office ChairAnd for those looking for a unique office chair, you can't go wrong with Blu Dot. That's because they're celebrated for selling beautiful office chairs that don't rely on wheels for stability. Plus, BluDot sells tiny desks too!

And then, there's Ikea. If you haven't already gotten lost in this massive Swedish furniture store, you're really missing out. We highly recommend checking out the Ikea Snile chair for maximum office comfort.

Even though it has a super weird name, the Snile chair is known for its clean lines and cool factor. Not to mention that it is crazy comfortable too. How can you beat that?

Besides the oddly named Snile chair, Ikea has a bunch of other space-saving solutions too. Don't forget to pick up modular tables and desks as well.

Not sure how to find high-quality office chairs? No worries – just make sure that you try before you buy!

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Best Places to Buy Office Desks

Best Office DesksNow that we've got that down, let's take a look at the best places to buy office desks. Without further ado, here are a couple of our most hip and stylish desk suppliers:

  • MoMA Store
  • Poppin
  • West Elm

Have you ever been to the Museum of Modern Art? If so, then you'll know that they're renowned for their taste in decor. But here's the kicker: they make their own office desks.

For instance, the Eames desk on the MoMa Design store website is the definition of art-deco. Designed by Ray and Charles Eames, this artsy replica is a must-have!

Office DeskAs if that's not enough, the Museum of Modern Art store also resells museum-style lighting and clocks to the public too. And if you're all about design, then you'll love buying a new office desk at the virtual Poppin store.

At Poppin, you can choose between colorful desk options such as:

  • Adjustable height desks
  • Benching desks
  • Executive desks

But that's not all. You also have the choice to buy one-of-a-kind desks like:

  • L-Shaped desks
  • Single desks
  • Standing desks

Have you checked out West Elm yet? As the #1 supplier of mid-century modern furniture, West Elm is literally chockfull of chic desks for the workplace. And although it may be a little pricier than Ikea, it's prices actually aren't that insane.

For instance, there's the Acorn Mid-Century Modern desk at West Elm. Crafted from sustainable wood, this beauty has clean lines and a generous space for activities on its tabletop. Plus, it comes with three, spacious wooden drawers.

Complete with a beveled frame, West Elm's Acorn Mid-Century Modern is a true example of form meets function. Additionally, it is currently on sale for less than $600.

Want to know a secret? It pays to get office desk quotes first!

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Best Place to Buy Office Cubicles

Best Office CubiclesLet's face it. It can be beyond difficult to find the perfect office cubicle for your workplace. While it might be challenging to uncover a huge selection of office cubicles, you can find them all in one place –

Check out a couple of fashionable office cubicles that your co-workers will be sure to love. First off, there's the Bush Business Furniture Office in an Hour collection. One of our most loved picks is the U Shaped Cubicle Workstation.

This mocha cherry colored desk isn't exactly the cheapest office cubicle on the market. However, its modern, contemporary style and sweet cherry finish are definitely worth the price tag.

Office CubiclesOn the hunt for a small cubicle? If that's the case, there's no harm in adding the Tall Cubicle from Overstock to your workspace soon. For business owners looking to create a more private environment, these tall panels are as tall as an average-sized person.

Plus, it doesn't take much effort to put it together either. And thanks to its extra height, the Tall Cubicle has a bunch of space for overhead storage too. Sounds good to us!

No need for such a tall cubicle? Have no fear – Overstock has more conventional, shorter cubicles for sale too. We suggest trying out their Small Cubicles for just over $1,000. Not only does it come in different colors, but it also has a super sleek metal finish.

In addition, these smaller cubicles have lower panels that allow workers to communicate more freely with each other. As the opposite of the one we mentioned above, this particular cubicle is great for creating a social work environment.

Curious about finding the best office cubicles? Take a look at some office cubicle reviews to figure out which one is right for you!

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Office Furniture Tips and Tricks

Are you a newbie when it comes to furnishing your office? Don't worry – we'll show you all of our best office furniture tips and tricks. For starters, here are a few guidelines for choosing office furniture in the first place:

  • Buy practical furniture
  • Choose a classic style

First things first, make sure that you buy practical office furniture. Why is that? Because when you buy a fancy item for its looks, you might be surprised at how uncomfortable it can become in the long run.

Buy Furniture For Office

This is a common mistake for first-time office furniture buyers. To stay one step ahead, purchase items that are guaranteed to meet your needs. For example, if you need to keep a lot of documents nearby, you may not want to buy a desk that doesn't have any drawers.

Moving forward, it's time to think about choosing a classic style for your office. That means buying items that suit the kind of industry that you work in. For instance, those who are in leadership positions should have elegant furniture as upscale as they are!

Choose Your Office Furniture Wisely

Need a word of advice? When it comes to picking out your office furniture, it's super important to choose wisely.

Not only does your furniture have to be practical, but it has to be classic too. And with our useful guide, decorating your workplace should be a breeze!

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