How Much Does a Computer Cost?

Laptop ComparisonComputers today cost as little as $350.00 and come loaded with Wi-Fi, web cameras, up to date operating systems, and Ethernet connections.  This post will help you understand how much a computer cost and what to look for. The important thing to ask yourself is what do you need in a computer? For example not all computers come with a license for Microsoft office (i.e. Word, Excel, and Outlook email).

Computers typically range from $350.00 to about $1,500.00 but the average person does not require a $1,500 personal computer or laptop computer.  They key is decide what you need before your make your purchase.  Most people are surprised to discover they can get everything they need in a PC computer for about $750.

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There are a few things you really should consider when comparing the cost of computers and if you do this you might save a couple hundred bucks.

Operating System: Make sure your computer comes with an update operating system, which today is Windows 8, unless of course you’re buying an Apple computer which will cost well over a thousand dollars.

Screen Display: For most users it’s worth the cost to get a computer with a screen display of at least 13”. Not only do the smaller displays have smaller screens that are hard to see but they also have very small keyboards making it difficult to type for most people.

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Single Core – Dual Core Processor: If you run multiple apps at once then we recommend that you buy a computer with a dual core processer which won’t change the cost by much and is well worth the price. Examples of this type of multi-tasking are surfing online while simultaneously using your email or typing in an Excel or Word document.

The cost of a computer varies with all brands but each offer products in similar price ranges, including the cost of a Dell, HP, Acer, or Samsung. The defining difference in cost will be the items mention above and the size of the hard disc space and random access memory (RAM). For more information and prices of the top 10 computers feel free to check our reviews.

Author: Hudson Piccini

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