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Best Websites to Find Quality Job Candidates

Where can you find quality job candidates? Check out this guide to discover the best websites for finding the best candidates.

It takes recruiters an average of 42 days to fill a position.

That can be a long time to have a position empty, especially for small businesses who rely on a tight-knit team to get their work done.

If you're new to the hiring game though, it can be a challenge to seek out job candidates who meet your standards and will stick with your company. Even for those with a good recruitment team and history, it can be nice to find new recruitment resources to streamline the candidate search.

If you are hiring new team members, check out our guide below for the best websites to find quality job candidates!

Using LinkedIn to Find the Best Job Candidates 

Linked in logoLinkedIn has earned its place on this list, as it's the largest professional networking site in the world. As it acts as a portfolio for both employees and employers, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to recruit quality candidates.

Many high-level professionals use the site. So, you're already working with a pool of candidates who have proved themselves in the workplace. On LinkedIn you can search through a candidate's previous employers. Here you're able to see endorsements from previous employers on a candidate's profile. You can also search through their contacts, and their contacts' contacts.

The site is great for those who want to meet a very specific criteria. If college choice is an important factor, you can search through specific alumni networks. You can also search for people who've filled a similar role at a rival company, based on the job title and skills.

You can use filters and specifics to search for candidates. After that, LinkedIn will provide you with candidates who possess similar characteristics. This opens up your candidate pool to people who may be missing one or two links but are still highly qualified and easily trained.

LinkedIn makes it easy to find the best prospective employees by providing you with a candidate recommendations feed. You're also given the ability to message candidates within the site!

Pinterest: A Hidden Gem


You may have had friends or family members who rave about Pinterest for its abundance of DIY projects and easy, cute crafts. But did you know that Pinterest is actually one of the best places to find high-quality job candidates? It's a bit of a hidden gem in the recruiting landscape.

Even if you're not familiar with the platform, it's easy to learn how to recruit on Pinterest. You can start by making a board for the position you are trying to fill. On that board, list as many pins (photos, infographics, other visuals) that relate to and describe what you are searching for in the position.

Provide information or pins that link back to your website or the original job posting. Pinterest users can then follow the board, and, if interested, get in touch with your company about their interest in the job.

Pinterest's main demographics are women, millennials, and parents. So, if you're looking to hire any of those individuals, it's the perfect place to look. As it functions as a highly visual and artistic site, it's also the perfect place to find very creative and imaginative candidates.

Handshake LogoUse Handshake to Target Students

If you are interested in finding fresh-out-of-college or still in college talent, Handshake is the website you want to be using. The website takes on many of the functions of a career center—matching students or recent grads with jobs or internships in their field of study.

Handshake operates similarly to LinkedIn as a networking website. But, since its focus is on students and grads, users aren't overshadowed by older candidates who may have more work experience.

You can be assured that candidates you find via Handshake are sincere in their effort to get a job in a respectable company.

Using Indeed to Find Quality Candidates


Indeed has the largest reach of any job site in the U.S., compiling new listings from job boards and staffing agencies every day.

It's easy enough to just post your job listing to the website, which is free, so long as it's a regular, non-promoted listing. However, Indeed also offers access to a service called Indeed Resume. While users on Indeed can send out their resume to jobs they're interested in applying for, they can also upload it to Indeed's resume database.

By using Indeed Resume, recruiters can perform a free resume search to find ones that match their criteria. They can then reach out to the candidates whose resumes are a good fit and start a dialogue with them.

The Indeed Resume feature puts a halt to the waiting game and allows employers to take initiative in finding the best hires.

The Multi-Functional Glassdoor

Glassdoor LogoOn Glassdoor, users provide information on company salaries, quality of work, and atmosphere. However, it's grown a lot since its conception, and it's now the perfect platform to find high-quality job candidates.

According to Glassdoor, candidates found via their site are 2x as likely to be hired and a 30% higher retention rate. Candidates are able to read fully-fleshed out company profiles and get a feel for the company's culture. They then enter the application process already more informed than candidates on other sites may be.

Your pool of candidates will be far more invested to begin with, and you can easily weed out the candidates who would make bad employees.

Not to mention, if they want to learn about a company's story, chances are they are looking for a specific salary, community, or professional goal. They already have the drive—they're just looking for an employer who can enable it.

Take the Necessary Steps

Finding the perfect job candidates can be a challenge, but it's important to remember that it often is a collaborative process.

If high quality candidates aren't reaching out, you can use many of the sites about to open up a conversation with potential candidates. Make an effort to showcase your company's best qualities, and the best candidates will be lining up on your digital doorstep!

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