How to Drive Leads to Your Blog with Inbound Marketing 

You need to become an active participant in tracking data and making informed decisions about your inbound marketing efforts based on what the data is telling you. Here are ten things to keep in mind and how to succeed when driving leads to your blog with inbound marketing.

  1. Close the Deal: Using an integrated CRM system is key to finding out if and when you’re closing sales via your blog, and can give you the ability to also start converting specific leads into closed sales from your blog traffic.
  2. Increase Your Subscriber Base: Incorporate specific tactics designed to increase subscribers into your inbound marketing, and always compare your subscriber base at the end of each month to the previous month.
  3. Monitor and Improve Backlinking: Always be checking to see when other companies are reposting or mentioning your content and aim to get a full backlink to your site. If your company is mentioned but not linked to, reach out and try to get a full backlink implemented.
  4. Monitor Views Based on Content: Track the views of each article to give you content ideas for what type of material really gets read on your blog, and focus your development strategy in those areas.
  5. Monitor Views Based on Style and Size: Content isn’t the only thing that may affect how many people read a given post. Check out what style of post, and what length, is most popular with your readers. Focus on developing content that matches those metrics in the future.
  6. Engage in Comments: If someone takes the time to comment on your post, you must make sure to respond to them in some fashion. This creates a more engaged reader base that you are totally missing out on if you ignore the posted comments.
  7. Sharing On Social Media: Getting your blog shared across social media platforms should always be a goal. It can bring you in direct traffic, but it also improves each post’s performance in the eyes of Google every time it is shared on social media.
  8. Call to Action: Your blog needs a call-to-action button in order to generate legitimate leads. Track its performance rate to understand when and where you’re converting views to leads at a better rate.
  9. Follow Up on Leads: A lead in itself is worth nothing. You need to track their sources and be diligent about following up with them in order to extract the value from your inbound marketing campaign.
  10. Use Date to Drive Decision Making: If in the last year you have ten posts that outperformed the rest of your content by a significant margin, you need to stop developing the new piece of marketing collateral that you’re working on and instead look at what unites those ten posts. Find the common factors in your most successful content and use that data to drive the creation of new content.


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Author: Hudson Piccini

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