How To Make Your Site Convert Leads Like Crazy With These Three Best Practices

Increase Lead Conversions

The competition on the Internet is daunting in every single industry that operates online. That’s just a reality of the ubiquity of the Internet in today’s business world. However, if you’re launching a new website, that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and be happy with a mediocrely performing venture. There are time-tested, proven best practices that you can put into place to kick-start your website’s conversion rates. These marketing strategies are simple but effective and should help you regardless of what niche you do business in.

Get to The Point

Focus on the key values of your organization and the key promises made by your products and services. There is a real tendency in the online world to get excessively wordy and unfocused when communicating about a product or service. Yes, you should have all the detailed information about what you offer somewhere on your site, but it shouldn’t be your key message. Have it available for those who are interested enough to delve deeper into your site to read, but get to the point in a short and easily processed way for casual shoppers seeing your site for the first time.

Bullet points, headlines, and lists are good ways to quickly communicate the key values a product or service offers consumers. Don’t write a novel, and don’t try to overwhelm readers with facts and figures. Get to the point quickly and you’ll convert the casual passer-by to a customer much more effectively.

Focus on What They’re Saving, Not What They’re Spending

There is a mistake that many companies make when providing prices for their products online. The tendency is to focus on price to a degree that is unhelpful from a marketing perspective. It’s more important to communicate the value of a product than the price. Opening with a price is just a way to scare a customer away before they even have time to learn how your products or services will meet their needs.

If and when it is time to discuss price, don’t focus on how much something costs. Instead, focus on how much money a customer is saving by purchasing your particular product or service. Compare your prices to higher-priced competitors, and highlight the dollars being saved. Sometimes the price is impossible to avoid, but tracking savings is a key tool for demonstrating why your company surpasses the competition.

Make The Most of Instant Chat

Instant chat BubblesWhen you walk into a store or office in the real world, you usually only have to wait a minute or two before a knowledgeable employee asks to see if you need help. If you don’t, you’re left alone to browse at your leisure. However, is there anything more frustrating than walking into a store wanting help, and then being offered none? Despite how frustrating this can be, it is exactly what most of us do to potential clients who visit our websites.

The chief way to combat this is through the use of instant chat boxes. That way, if a person prefers to shop online without any human interaction, they are completely free to do so. However, if they are the type of person who would like to speak with a live person in order to have some questions answered, they don’t need to wait for a reply to an email or take the time to make a phone call. A quick, pop-up chat window allows someone to contact a customer service representative within moments, providing the best of all shopping worlds.

Representatives on chat tabs can reassure customers, provide answers about products, and help create a personal connection in an otherwise impersonal online world.

Key Points

Your three key takeaways from today should be:

  • Keep your key messages clear and short
  • Focus on savings, not prices
  • Use person-to-person online communication to improve conversions

Putting these factors into play on your website does not take a lot of time or money. However, the potential return for focusing on marketing strategies that encourage conversions like these is immense.

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Author: Hudson Piccini

Hudson Cynar, a Harvard University alumna and the owner of three prosperous enterprises, is a distinguished business consultant, author, and writer. Her expertise spans multiple business sectors, with a particular emphasis on storage containers, commercial copiers, payroll services, and medical billing software. Dedicatedly investing thousands of hours into product and service research, Hudson crafts insightful reviews to guide entrepreneurs in making informed decisions for their businesses.