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Top 10 SEO FirmsWhen it comes to finding an SEO – Search Engine Optimization Service comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top-rated digital marketing companies, user reviews, and buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.


SEO Buying Guide & Reviews

A lot of people are unaware that starting a website does not really guarantee you great search engine results. Many times, people have their websites set up only to realize that they cannot find them on the first or second search engine results page because of poor optimization.


You need to remember that search engines are all about ranking and this means that you will have a hard time finding your website if it is poorly ranked. This is why anyone and everyone with a website or blog needs to hire SEO services.

Best SEO Companies

Search engine optimization services ensure that your site is optimized to attract web crawlers and in effect produce higher rankings. Optimization is not common knowledge and it calls for keyword research, link building, incorporation of social media, and other techniques that require expert knowledge. Today, we are giving you a few tips on how to find the right search engine optimization service.

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  • Paid Search 9PPC)
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  • Link Building (Earning)

Best Rated SEO Companies

Before Hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firm Ask about the Following:

Do you offer SEO Copy-writing Services? Good unique quality content is critical to your ranking success. Highly optimized content will drive relevant website traffic. Some companies provide SEO copywriting services and others may outsource it.

Top Digital Advertising Companies

Can You assist with our Social Media Optimization? Social media has become an incredible method of marketing and should not be ignored. Some major companies have even used it to grow their business by as much as 20% simply by adding a few interesting posts each week. Social media optimization is the process of effectively managing your online presence with community-building tools and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest.

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What type of Link building services do you offer? This may be one of the most important elements of your campaign. Note that link building should not be done by buying links in “paid” directories or blogs. Having inbound links from authoritative websites is a powerful and effective tactic to improve your website's SEO rankings. Some of the best methods today include the creation and promotion of infographics, white papers, and case studies. These are generally free pieces of content that are extremely informative and worthy of linking to. Note: The SEO firm must have a plan for promoting the content via a number of means such as social media, press releases, news reporters, and other media resources.


Can you help us get ranked for local search? If you're a local company you should need to be getting local business with specialized local search. Getting listed in local search maps is free but you may need help moving your link to the top of the SERP. This too easy and too effective to ignore.

Can You assist us with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising? Pay-per-click advertising is for paid listing on search engines. Paid search advertising provides an instant result via a bidding system that is managed in live time and fully keeps the marketing budget in your control. While this may seem easy, an amateur can turn this into a total loss so if you’re inexperienced with PPC marketing we recommend working with a top-rated search engine marketing company.

What type of reporting will you provide us with and how often? Your search engine advertising company needs to be held accountable and should provide detailed reports illustrating where you were, where you’re at, and where you’re heading. Online marketing companies should highlight key performance metrics including website traffic, conversions, SERP rankings, click-through rates (CTR), bounce rate, and more.

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Finally – Do Your Comparison of Digital Marketing Companies

Expertise: The first thing you need to look for with a professional is the level of expertise. You will be surprised to learn that a lot of the optimization services provided in the U.S are actually outsourced to countries such as India or the Philippines. Have a look at the company’s track record and one of the best ways you can test expertise is by the results. Before even looking at the projects the company has undertaken look at their own results. Are they paid results or organic? While there is nothing wrong with paid links, this shouldn't be the only optimization approach. If they are poorly ranked they are clearly not the best.

Techniques: What type of optimization techniques does the company use? Are they using white hat, grey hat, or black hat techniques? While not all companies will openly tell you that they are using black hat techniques, there are easy ways to tell this. The first is with their promises or guarantees. Nobody can guarantee you no.1 rankings and this is an indication of a company using black hat techniques. There are no fast results either and if the cost of optimization is lower than the market rate plus you are guaranteed top rankings in a few days, be wary.

Black hat techniques could lead to your site being banned. You also really have to be careful of grey hat techniques as these are in between white hat and black hat. The techniques are not always ethical and you never know when Google will impose penalties on them. For example, grey hat techniques may include content writing but instead, use spun content. When such techniques are discovered, your site may be at risk. Simply put, go for white hat techniques only.

Price: We know how important price is, but be it SEO, print, or other media resource, when it comes to marketing saving money is not what you look at first. It's better to pay a little more and get great results than it is to invest less for no return at all. In fact, poor SEO techniques can also cause irreversible damage and there's no saving worth that type of result.


Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review

Company ReviewedScoreYear
180Fusion5 Star Review2009$10 Million +50+
Bruce Clay5 Star Review1996$10 Million +25+
Thrive5 Star Review2005$3 Million +50+
eVisibility - Elevated5 Star Review1998$5 Million +25+
Higher Visibility5 Star Review2008$5 Million +10+
WebpageFX LogoWebpageFX5 Star Review1997$2 Million +25+
iCrossing5 Star Review1998$10 Million +50+
Increase Visibility ReviewIncrease Visibility5 Star Review2009$3 Million +25+
iProspect5 Star Review1996$5 Million +25+
Customer Magnetism5 Star Review2000$3 Million +25+
Ignite Visibility LogoIgnite Visibility5 Star Review2012$3 Million +50+
Netmark.com5 Star Review2007$5 Million +50+
Orange Soda5 Star Review2006$10 Million +100+
Portent Internet Marketing ReviewPortent5 Star Review1995$3 Million +10+
Reach LocalReach Local5 Star Review2008$3 Million +100+
RevLocalRevLocal5 Star Review1994$3 Million +50+
SEOPSEOP5 Star Review2000$5 Million +50+
Square 2 MarketingSquare 2 Marketing5 Star Review2006$4 Million +50+
Full MediaFull Media5 Star Review2000$1 Million +25+
Logical PositionLogical Position5 Star Review2009$10 Million +100+
Best Search Engine Optimization Company
Mark says:

I am surprised that Fathom Delivers was not included on this list. They seem to be one of the leaders in digital marketing and SEO.

Andrew F says:

Totally a big believer in search engine optimization. Literally turned us from a nobody into a somebody. Get a good company. Having tried a couple SEO firms before that sucked we almost gave up. After being talked into one last try, SUCCESS. NOTE: The biggest is not always the best. Sorry, not sharing who our winner is, don’t want my competitors to call them. Ha!

Lanka Web Hosting says:

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Brian C says:

I spoke with iProspect and considered hiring them for SEO, content and link building services. The company appears to be huge and looks to have a pretty impressive track record with optimizing websites. However, we looked at investing upwards of $100,000 per year (and I told them that) and my sales rep was awful about returning my calls. His written proposal could not have been anymore cookie cutter than it was. He treated me like a was a small fish in a big pond, and though to them we might be I would not recommend any company that treats potential customers that way. If you don’t want my business just tell me, someone out there would love it.