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502 2nd Ave, Suite 1700
Seattle, WA 98104
(740) 281-5016


Overall Review: Digital Marketing Service / Search Engine Advertising



What We Know About Portent

Content Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing

Portent, Inc. is a full-service Internet marketing agency. They offer the complete range of digital services, from pay per click marketing and search engine optimization to content and consulting. All of those capabilities ‘live’ under one roof. No cross-agency confusion. No silos. All of their teams work together to get you great results.

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Estimated Annual Sales: $3 Million +
Employee Size: 10+
Year Business Started: 1995
Credit Score: A
Principal: Ian Lurie, President
Top Clients: Bridal Guide Magazine, Trump University, Asian Food Grocers, AutoWeek
Client Retention Rate: 90%

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Portent is a certified Google Partner, which means they can assist your company to grow from the online marketing data provided by Google Analytics. The perks of working with a certified Google Partner is that Portent is applying effective search engine advertising practices with its services. This also means that employees at Portent have had to attend Google scheduled training sessions and take tests to ensure they are qualified and up to date with the latest trends in the online marketing industry.

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Pro's And Con's

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Portent Review