How To Tell Your Business Story –  Tips for Becoming a Better Storyteller in the Business World

Any job that involves communication with other people requires a degree of business storytelling expertise, but in no niche is this skill more important in the business world than in marketing. Telling stories that utilize vivid characters and plots that connect with your audience on a visceral and emotional level are far more likely to be effective business tools than those which miss out on those key elements.

Storytelling is a key skill that employers look for when filling marketing positions. In the world of today, where online activity means getting bombarded by marketing messages nearly every minute of every day, the ability to tell a story that people connect with is one of the most effective ways to stand out as a marketer. The reason for this is simple: with so many demands on the average person’s attention, it takes a creative and well-crafted story to cut through the noise and reach people.

It is important to continue to hone and grow your storytelling skills. Like any skill, storytelling can be practiced, and focussing on these tips can help take your storytelling abilities to the next level.

Here's 3 tips to help you tell your company story:

  1. Read the work of top-level film, TV and literary critics. Professional critics are some of the most adept at identifying weaknesses and strengths in the stories they are presented with. Reading reviews will help you identify common trends and patterns that critics identify as weak within the work they are reviewing, and should help you avoid some of those pitfalls when crafting your own stories.
  1. Sharpen a particular story to the point that it is as entertaining and engaging as possible. Storytelling isn’t just about creativity or the ability to retain and regurgitate countless potential stories. It is very much about telling those stories in the best way possible. So pick a story that you connect with and practice telling it in different ways with different audiences until you feel that you have sharpened it to its most ideal form.
  1. With modern cell phones all capable of recording high definition video, you have a great storytelling learning tool in your pocket at all times. Shoot footage from your life, whether it be at parties, holidays, or even at work. Then, use editing software to cut down large amounts of footage into short, compelling videos. Aim to tell a complete story in under a few minutes. This helps you learn quickly what elements aren’t contributing to your story, as well as helping you understand flow and structure as you learn what works, and what doesn’t.


If you want your audience members to remember your products and services, learning how to create marketing stories that they engage with is a vital step to take. Storytelling takes practice, but if you start applying these tips immediately, you should see your storytelling skills improve in short order.

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Author: Hudson Piccini

Hudson Cynar, a Harvard University alumna and the owner of three prosperous enterprises, is a distinguished business consultant, author, and writer. Her expertise spans multiple business sectors, with a particular emphasis on storage containers, commercial copiers, payroll services, and medical billing software. Dedicatedly investing thousands of hours into product and service research, Hudson crafts insightful reviews to guide entrepreneurs in making informed decisions for their businesses.