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What Software Do Call Centers Use?

Are you looking for the best tools to boost your team's productivity? What software do call centers use anyway? Here's a look at the top call center software.

What software do call centers use? If you're looking for the best tool for your company's productivity in customer support, then you're in the right place. We provide a list and evaluation of the top call center software to take your services to the next level.

Call Center Software

Don't confuse call center software with answering services! Here's the difference between the two.

Do You Need a Call Center Software?

Many customers and businesses converse on the phone. It's one of the most popular methods of customer service because of the immediacy and familiarity that phone calls provide.

However, managing a ton of calls isn't easy for a company.

If you have the wrong software, it can end up time-consuming, cost-consuming, and a channel that's difficult to measure. Plus, high-quality phone support is necessary for inbound and outbound calls, automatic dialing, call center analytics, to name a few instances.

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What Software Do Call Centers Use?

Discover these 5 great call center software below!

1. Zendesk

Zendesk Talk is one of the most extensive cloud-based solutions out there for businesses of any size. It works with a support ticketing system that is also produced by Zendesk.

Zendesk Dashboard

It has many advantages including automatic ticket creation, call analytics, and a number of support options.

Pricing: $29/month

2. Five9

We not only like the solution the best, but we have also helped install it for our own clients. Five9 has everything you need to launch a complete customer service and call center. It's a cloud-based option that focuses primarily on enterprise businesses but has the flexibility to adjusts to several types of call centers.

Five9 Dashboard

It includes predictive dialing, CTI, management tools, IVR, and automatic call distribution.

Pricing: Variable

3. Nextiva

This call center software can help all types of businesses and sizes. Its software is easy to use and aims to connect more callers with fewer agents necessary. It also makes it quite easy to optimize your call flow using features like virtual agency, automatic reactions, and streamlined experiences.

Nextiva Dashboard

There are multiple pricing options. Yet, even the most basic version has great features like long-distance calling, support, intercom, and the like.

Pricing: $50-$100/month per user

4. Twilio Flex

This software is a great option for those who need customizations. You can control your own experience of the software and benefit from lower costs since its still a cloud-based solution.

Twilio Flex also comes with a range of useful features such as chat, reports, call-recording, and escalation management.

Twilio Flex Dashboard

Pricing: Variable (e.g., $150/named user per month)

5. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft's call center software may be expensive but it's worth the money. This solution has some of the best customer reviews out there because it focuses on helping businesses create long-lasting customer satisfaction. It's also fully compatible with other Microsoft products!

Microsoft Dynamics Dashboard

Pricing: $50 per user/month

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The Advantages of Call Center Software

We hope we've answered your question: what software do call centers use?

Are you still wondering whether you need call center software? Well, don't! It can streamline your customer services, help you track calls, and analyze outcomes. When chosen well, it will help you save money and make your customers satisfied.

Are you looking for more information on call center software? Head over to our website and browse our articles for a full range of useful articles and tips!

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