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What Is the Cheapest Credit Card Processor for Businesses?

Are you looking for an affordable credit card processor for your business? Learn about the cheapest credit card processor for businesses in this guide.

How many times have you been ready to check out and told it's cash only while holding a wallet full of credit cards? Today any small or big business requires a credit card processor.

Are you looking to start a small business, or already have one up and running but want to make sure you have all the equipment to succeed? Keep reading to find the cheapest credit card processor and the perfect one for you.

What to Consider

When deciding to use a credit card processor, you need to decide what would be most favorable for your business. Some will benefit from certain services more than others, so the cheapest credit card processor may differ from business to business.

Cheapest Credit Card Processor

To start, you will need to decide which type of merchant service provider you want to use. Merchant account providers may offer more security, and work better if you are processing a lot of big orders. However, for the cheapest credit card processor for small business, a payment service provider might work better to keep costs low.

A credit card processor with the cheapest fees might not work well for your business, as you may want a secure reader and are willing to pay a monthly fee but not hardware fees. You will also want to think about the process of accepting credit card payments to determine your card reader. Do you need something more portable that works with your phone, or are you willing to purchase additional equipment to process credit card payments?

Compare Prices

The Cheapest Credit Card Processor

credit card processorsThere are a lot of credit card processors out there, but to find the cheapest credit card payment processor, you'll need to look at all the many things each has to offer. Here are some of the top options for small businesses:

Square, a payment service provider, has very affordable card readers and good flat-rate pricing.  Although it can have a higher processing fee starting at 2.6%, with an additional $.10 per in-person purchase, it has no additional fees associated with it unless your business requires some of the special features they offer.

Payment Depot, a merchant account provider, works well for lower risk businesses and mid-sized businesses. It cost no fee to apply and is relatively transparent with its pricing, with a monthly fee starting at $49.

PayPal, a payment service provider, is great for online stores and comes with the name recognition and trust behind it. It's quick to set up, costing $15 initially, and simple to use.

Compare Prices

And there are several more notable services you might want to consider. The easiest way is to look at all the pros and cons next to one another and weigh each option for you.

Make a Direct Comparison

Want to look at the different card processors side by side to help you make the most educated decision for your business?  Check us out to pick the best and cheapest credit card processor and more!

As your business builds and expands, you may find yourself needing to purchase more equipment and software like phone systems or payroll services. Need to check out more services? We've got you covered.


  • Flat rate processing
  • Rates as low as 2.75%
  • Inventory Management
  • Fast. Next day processing





  • No monthly or setup fees
  • Rates as low as 2.4%
  • Next Day Deposits
  • Easy set up





  • Online, phone, pay on the go.
  • No startup costs
  • Rates as low as 2.2%
  • Customers pay direct from invoices






How To Find A Credit Card Processor

Credit card processors are a highly specialized service dealing with multiple technical aspects, developing and evolving technology, payment networks, and regulatory agencies. Just like any service dealing with this level of complexity, reputable credit card processors can vary greatly in their quality and service. The first step in deciding on a suitable credit card processor is to compare the different providers of credit card processor services. A reliable credit card processor will offer several additional advantages such as providing the highest level of credit card processing reliability and security.

Types of Credit Cards Accepted

Credit processors have evolved significantly over the years. They can now process both credit card transactions and electronic debits. They also handle credit card transactions in order to ensure security and quality of customer service. Credit processors are responsible for issuing customer credit card authorization codes for credit card transactions. They also process the debits from the customer's credit card accounts.


Credit card processors also ensure that the credit card information they process is encrypted, thus ensuring total confidentiality of this sensitive financial data. To help improve security, credit processors also encrypt the customer's sensitive data by using SSL technology. This helps to secure the customer's private information so that it cannot be stolen or intercepted. This also ensures that only authorized people have access to these confidential financial data.

Best credit card Processors for small business


When choosing a credit card processor to support your credit card processing systems, you will want to consider their price as well as customer support. A high-quality credit processor will always provide you with a money-back guarantee and a high level of customer service. They should also have a full-service sales and marketing department. They should be willing to answer all your questions and help you design the best credit card processor for your business needs. Your processor should also be willing to answer your questions about payment systems, fraud prevention, card security, and merchant account management.

Process credit cards with smart phone

Once you find a credit card processor with all of these qualities, you should also ensure that they have a high level of expertise in the field of credit card processing systems. They should be familiar with the credit card security and fraud prevention processes and should also have a solid understanding of the security features and protocols of the card networks. They should be aware of the regulations governing the card networks and should have knowledge of new technological advances. that may be introduced by your company. You should also look for a credit processor that has a wide range of merchant accounts and card account options that allow you to accept different types of cards.


Credit processors can also help your company gain access to credit card technology through its merchant accounts program. They can also provide advice on the best merchant account providers that can allow you to accept a variety of cards. They can also help you make sure that your customer credit card systems are designed to meet your company's unique requirements.

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