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Business Phone System ReviewWhen it comes to finding a small business Phone System comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top-rated telephone systems for small businesses, user reviews, and buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.


Which Phone System Is The Best?

Small business phone systems are the best way to bring sophistication and efficiency into your company.

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Small businesses can benefit from cloud-based phone systems. These products provide more than just a technological marvel that carries voices through the ether, they're also incredibly useful tools that add layers of sophistication and professionalism to your company's image as well as catering for different styles in order to give customers what they want — always with top service.

Imagine being able to have all of your offices on the go. Imagine never worrying about losing a document again because, with these systems, you can travel and still do business.

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Gone are the days when people had bulky answering machines or secretaries for voice mail messages; now they just use their mobile phone as an internal tool belt where everything fits – from dictating email responses at home so that correspondence doesn't get lost in cyberspace (or worse yet-posted publicly), sending live dictated texts during meetings which will allow colleagues around town know what's happening without having any set time gaps between contacting each other back, etc.

As you're probably aware, finding the best small business phone system can be tough. That's why we put in hours of research and testing to create this list for your convenience! We sorted through all different types (audio or video) so that it would offer something suitable no matter what kind of company you have with employees on their own desks as well as those who work from home – plus there'll always be one available at every price point imaginable meaning everyone will find an option they love without breaking their budgets too badly either way around.

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Top Phone Systems

1.   3CX: Phone System Review


  • Very affordable
  • Multiple hosting options
  • Web conferencing
  • Plug & Play with IP Phone


  • N/A

3CX Logo3CX is a small business phone system that will grow with your company. It offers you various hosting options so it's easy to host on-site or keep using the cloud, depending on what works best for you and 3 count does plenty in an intuitive package without being too difficult to learn. This means even if someone has no experience before they can get things up running quickly enough thanks largely due to their ease-of-use features – making this solution perfect whether they're new at managing calls like customer relations representatives are accustomed to but still need something robust enough to handle everything from sales volumes while also remaining simple enough anyone who isn't resistant could easily understand how all functions work together seamlessly inside of one call management program.

3CX is the perfect Unified Communications solution for any business size or industry. With features like video conferencing, live chat, and mobile apps it's hard to go wrong with 3cx

Employees can work from anywhere as they don't have to be confined by their desks anymore. You get all this without paying an arm and leg in expensive software licenses either- take a look at what we've got on offer today then make your decision fast before someone else does.

Choosing a phone system for your business is not an easy decision. You want it to serve you well now and in the future, but with so many options available how can one decide which will work best? 3CX offers both office client software on Windows or Linux from where users interface via their phones just as they would at home (or any other place) without installing additional hardware; alternatively, there's also cloud-based PBX functionality that enables companies of all sizes – big or small -to have access 24/7 anywhere around,

3CX delivers a truly rewarding experience for those who are in charge of their own business. The company offers multiple support options and they make sure that things don't go wrong, no matter what the problem may be.

3CX is a great fit for the SMB that wants to grow fast and be powerful without getting too complicated.


  1. RingCentral Phone System Review


  • Seamless across all devices
  • Multi-site Admin
  • Hot Desking
  • Video Meeting with up to 200 People


  • Pricing can be hard to follow
  • Limited custom reports

ringcentral-logoRingCentral is the perfect fit for businesses with a clear idea of how they want to operate. With pricing that's slightly higher than some other platforms, features tailored towards your needs as a small or medium-sized company, and easy integration into existing systems– Ring Central has you covered.

The RingCentral platform is jam-packed with features that make it tough to narrow down what you like best. One of my personal favorites includes visual voicemail, paging, and call delegation which makes managing multiple lines in the office or taking your work home easier for everyone on the staff! The administrative tools allow me the ability to build out an intuitive user interface so users can find everything they need quickly without being overwhelmed by complexity; this will ensure success at any business–even if we're talking about something as important as customer service.

RingCentral offers an excellent suite of features for large organizations. In addition to its phone and collaboration applications, Ring Central also provides strong administrative tools with SLAs in place that protect your business from being taken advantage of by unreliable phone service providers like AT&T or Verizon Wireless,

RingCentral offers a quality performance packed with excellent features and great technology. This system stands out not only for its ability to make things like SIP calling, PBX functionality into easy-to-understand solutions that businesses can benefit from — especially those who are looking at investing more heavily in communications but don't necessarily know where or how yet.

RingCentral's new features for this year include artificial intelligence, collaboration capabilities, and more. Ring Central has been tested by us a few times over VoIP solutions in our roundup of Business Voice-over IP (VoIP) products – it always fares well to earn Editors' Choice designation! This time around though there are some additions like an updated mobile experience available as well which is great news because they're adding those cool AI abilities too; what could be better than that?


  1. 8×8 Phone System Review


  • Pricing is flexible to needs
  • Cloud-based


  • Call Performance can be patchy
  • Videoconferencing limed to 100 people

8x8 logoThe 8×8 Virtual Office small business phone stable has been seasoned with a variety of extras so you get to pick the platform and pricing set that suits your needs. This can seem confusing at first, but we break it down into easy steps for each series solution available on our website.

8×8 is a business phone system that combines video conferencing and messaging capabilities with audio phones, all in one cheap package. Founded by engineers who recognized the need for clear communication at their company after World War II, 8×8 offers low prices to clients around the world through its headquarters located just outside of San Francisco Bay Area city limits (Campbell). In addition to VoIP services offered on top global networks such as Skype or Sinatraence®, it also provides local IP connection options making this provider perfect whether you're working from the home office across town -or halfway around the world.

X2 offers you integration with Google G Suite, Outlook, and NetSuite while X5 gets your business unlimited calling across 47 countries. The X6 version also brings in customer experience analytics and post-call survey capabilities which will completely redefine how customers engage in their relationships with you as well! If it’s just starting out or if an enterprise is looking for some juice; 8×8 can provide what they need – robust feature sets (including Salesforce) coupled with solid performance levels so there aren't any hiccups during peak times of usage.

The Express plan includes features like video meetings, chat, and voicemail, etc. Organizations looking for more enterprise-grade features in a VoIP system can turn to one of 8×8's X Series tiers which provide additional options such as unlimited calling within the U.S., Canada & other select countries or continents; these higher-level plans also include tools that let supervisors listen into customer service calls along with fax capabilities so they don't get lost on paperwork.

8×8 is a cloud-based call management software that will give you the tools to make your calls more productive. With interactive reporting and customizable messaging, 8×8 aims at making life easier by not being overly complicated or too far up its own hype curve!

A simple yet powerful tool for managing business communications in today’s digital age—eight times as much power as before so users can focus on what matters most: customers' expectations delivered every time they need them.


  1. Vonage Phone System Review


  • Awesome user-friendly dashboard
  • Easy to set up
  • Selective call blocking


  • Pricing can be higher
  • Limits on some features
  • No text or video options

vonage-logoVonage Business Cloud offers small business owners a great way to offer their customers top-quality service and keep in contact with important clients. This cloud-based phone system has been around for several years, which shows how reliable it really is. You'll be able to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong thanks to this rich feature set.

Start your business with Vonage Business Cloud. You can use nothing more than the devices you already own, and it's easy to get started. Download their free app on smartphones or laptops in order to set up call forwarding that will make sure customers always reach a professional answering service no matter where they go.

Vonage is a service that allows users to make phone calls on their smartphones or landlines without using up any mobile minutes. This makes it appealing for both those who have access only through WiFi, as well as people with unlimited data plans because they can still use Vonage when out and about! Unfortunately, though there are some downsides: firstly the monthly fee might be more expensive than competitors such as RingCentral due in part to its high profile which means you'll spend around 50% less per month; secondly voice quality isn't always top-notch so don’t expect crystal clear conversations at all times (although if anything happens during one call then your teammates will hear everything clearly).

Vonage Business Cloud is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for any size business. With Vonage, you can scale up, down, or customize your features as needed without the need of hiring another team member in-house because they do it all themselves. This makes them scalable – which will save time from having multiple people working on one project just so some may get done faster than others with less expertise etcetera… The more complex something becomes at times; sometimes it's better not to have too many cooks in charge right off the bat but rather take things slowly getting familiarized first then picking up speed later once everyone knows what needs doing.

Connecting with Vonage is a simple process that only takes about ten minutes. All you need to do is plug the phone into one of their ports and then connect it via Ethernet cable, power outlet for wall-power supplies is available too! They provide everything else including a 1-year warranty on your product as well if needed at any point during this time period following installation; don't forget there's also an option where they come install all these parts free within 24 hours especially if just getting started.


  1. Grasshopper Phone System Review


  • Well priced
  • Fast and easy setup


  • Requires existing landlines or smartphones

Grasshopper LogoGet the ball rolling with Grasshopper Virtual Phone System and start connecting your contacts right away. With an easy-to-use interface, it's never been easier to get started in business communications.

LogMeIn acquired Grasshopper 3 years ago. With the addition of this new service, Logmein now has a credible unified communications (UC) platform that it can offer small to medium size businesses looking for some of the capabilities offered by “big office” systems without having price or legacy requirements other than cell phones and normal landlines

There are a number of features that make the Grasshopper small business phone system attractive for an SMB. First and foremost, it doesn't try to compete with other vendors in terms of price; instead, this product has been designed so you can have all the bells and whistles without breaking your budget! For businesses looking at scaling up customer care or contact capabilities using only mobile devices – as most entrepreneurs do nowadays given how much information they must gather about prospective clients on the go – then look no further than our sleek platform which provides extensions like virtual messages (yes!) plus seamless integration into popular marketing software packages such as Salesforce CRM through its Intuitive API Access layer.

With a focus on simplicity and performance, Grasshopper offers reliable service for small businesses. The platform integrates VoIP or Wi-Fi calls when cellular signals are patchy to provide an overall strong experience that meets the needs of these companies' customers every time they use it.

Grasshopper is the perfect solution for companies that want to give their customers an excellent experience. With Grasshoppers inbound system, you can manage your calls by listening and monitoring them easily on any device while outbound calling uses employees' own phones or desktop computers – giving everyone access without having another number being assigned outside of work hours! Plus there are reporting features so that managers know exactly how much they spend each month from various sources like outgoing phone numbers.

Grasshopper is the most efficient way to manage your business phone calls. They don't depend on any hardware or software, they just need an addressable number and a good internet connection for their voice-over IP (VOIP) services that work seamlessly with existing phones including cell phones.


  1. Mitel Phone System Review


  • Bluetooth handsets
  • Integrates with most CRMs


  • Cost can rise quickly with some options

Mitel LogoMitel's cloud PBX has been around for a while now and it seems that the company is doing well. Mitel MiCloud Connect focuses on delivering VoIP services with an easy-to-use interface, taking features from traditional PBXes such as those found in larger organizations or SMBs because they believe all users deserve great quality regardless of size.

The platform tries to mimic how these more advanced systems work by adding new capabilities like greater control over your phone system settings without having to access different software platforms – something many small businesses will appreciate.

For many companies, remote work is becoming the norm. IT pros will need to account for a variety of home networks and other devices when they're out in their patients' homes or offices–not just one large LAN like before where everything was connected back onto centralized servers at an office building complex.

For SMBs, there are many options in the VoIP world for those who need more flexibility than traditional phone systems. However, MiCloud falls short when compared to other providers and has several drawbacks that keep them from being our Editors' Choice winner this year.


  1. Ooma Phone System Review


  • Well priced
  • Free calls
  • Great call quality


  • Requires IP Phone for the best return on investment
  • No softphone
  • Many standard features require a premium account

ooma LogoOoma is a perfect choice for a startup or small business owner who wants to avoid debt. They offer an excellent price point that lets you get started with their phone system without being underwater financially, and you can opt up/down depending on what features are needed at different points in time – this means no waiting around until it's too late.

The Ooma Telo is different from most voice-over IP services: you don't have to pay for monthly service as with other VoIP companies and it also comes with a nifty landline that connects directly to your Internet connection. It has a super easy setup, excellent customer care through the website or Twitter account (depending on which one works best) along with clear call quality so customers are sure not to be lost in translation when talking on their cell phones while sitting next door at someone else's house.

If you want to take full advantage of Ooma's features, it is necessary that invest in an IP Phone. There are extra costs involved with this but if done right will be well worth the investment for all your future needs. You can run everything through either a mobile or softphone but adding on another device such as one dedicated purely has voice makes more sense when going down this route.

The Ooma is a small office miracle. It can manage functions like rerouting calls and automatically flicking people to the right department, but it also comes with customizable name dialing so your customers won't have any trouble getting in touch.

Ooma has a variety of packages to meet the needs of any business. It offers Unified Communications-as-a Service (UCaaS), hosted PBX, and conferencing tools with great features that can be customized for your company's specific requirements. Overall Ooma straightforward solution if you're looking into voice services or just starting out on this journey.

For pricing information direct from suppliers please describe your office telephone system needs and you'll also be able to download free buyer's guide packed with resources and information to help you find the right office phone system for your company.



Business Phone System Buying Guide & Reviews

Finding a good phone system is highly important especially if you are in business. However, it can also be quite difficult because the lingo used is often technical, and needless to say the wide array of products and manufacturers is confusing. We have put together a few tips that will surely give you an easier time buying the right telephone system for your needs.

Business Phone SystemTypes of Phone Systems

First, you need to know the different types of phone systems. These are;

1.      Independent Keyless Systems: These kinds of systems are great for a small business and can be used by about 4 to 10 people. They come with basic features and phone services and have no central unit. Their functions are extremely limiting.

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2.      Private Branch Exchange Systems (PBX): PBX systems are great for medium and large-sized businesses. They make great hotel phone systems and this is because they have expandable systems that can be increased to keep up with growth. PBX systems have rich features and are available in various sizes.


3.      Key Systems: Key systems are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. They are the smaller version of PBX and are cost-effective as well. While they do not have very many features, they are definitely a better option for independent keyless systems.

best business phone systems

How to Buy a Quality Small Office Cloud Phone System

When buying phone systems, features are most important. These add value to your communication needs and are essential. Some of the basic features include:

  • Review Conferencing Tools: These allow you to make a conference call with two or more people. You need to find out what the maximum number of participants is.
  • Auto Attendant: This is an essential call feature and it’s great for businesses because it allows callers to dial the extension directly.
  • Voicemail: Now, we all know just how important it is to have voicemail services. Some systems will permit a third-party voicemail system to be integrated with their equipment.
  • Call Forwarding: This is a basic yet essential feature and works to connect callers with people in different departments or to voicemail.
  • Music on Hold: This allows callers to have something that will keep them busy as you forward their calls or place them on hold.

Besides the above basic features, you might also want to review the following advanced features:

  • Computer Telephone Integration (CTI): This basically allows your computer to interact with the phone system.
  • Follow Me: This is a feature that allows users to simply forward their calls to their private phones or to a personal assistant's phone when out of the office or unavailable.
  • Remote Location: This is a feature that allows users to make connections with employees who are offsite just by dialing internal extensions.

RingCentral Vs 8×8

Vonage vs RingCentral

Buyers Guide


When comparing cloud phone systems, always ensure that you look out for the quality of the equipment, the technical support provided and most importantly warranty.

Business Phone System Review

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