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1217 Bay Road # 12
Webster, NY 14580
(800) 355-1775


Overall Review: Top 10 Postage Meter Dealer



What We Know About Data Pac


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Data-Pac is well known as a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for the mailing industry. They understand the postal business and are a trusted developer of innovative products that improve your mailing center. In fact, Data-Pac is the first company in more than 25 years to have been given United States Postal Service authorization to manufacture and market postage meters in the United States. The AMERICA2 Postage Security Device (PSD) is the first postage meter to offer internet-based postage funds replenishment.

Estimated Annual Sales: $2-5 Million
Employee Size: 14+
Year Business Started: 1991
Credit Score: A+

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Pro's And Con's

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Data Pac Mailing Systems Review | Pros, Cons, & Alternatives