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10 Actionable Ideas for Exciting and Creative Website Content

Do you feel like your content marketing ideas are getting a little stale? Here are 10 actionable ideas for exciting and creative content for your website.

Did you know that people get distracted after just eight seconds?

If you remember that most people have the attention span of a goldfish, you'll keep in mind that you need to engage people really well with your content.

When it comes to internet marketing, we need to be creative. If you're simply churning out the same boring and predictable blog post week after week, then you need to seriously rethink your content marketing strategy.

creative content

Are you worried that your content ideas are getting stale? You need to discover how to produce more creative content with our ideas for your website.

Check out everything you need to know to get your creative juices flowing in the blog post below. Let's get started!

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1. Get Guest Bloggers for Your Website

Sourcing and writing all of your blog content yourself can be time consuming and exhausting. No wonder you can't keep coming up with new ideas for your website.

Thankfully, you don't have to do everything yourself. You can always encourage guest bloggers to post content on your website as well.

This is an amazing way to bolster your audience as well. If you get a guest blogger who already has a following online, you'll drive their traffic to your website.

guest blogger

Of course, the guest blogger also gets to promote themselves on your website. So, everyone wins in the end!

Just invite other bloggers who produce content that is relevant to your audience to write something for your website. You don't even need to pay them!

2. Launch a Company Podcast

Over seventy-percent of the U.S. population knows about podcasts. Naturally, that doesn't necessarily mean that two-thirds of the population listen to them.

Nevertheless, podcasting is an excellent way to reach out to your audience in a unique and compelling way.

Even the busiest people have time to listen to a podcast. Either when they're commuting to their workplace or traveling on vacation, they can have you talking in their ears.

Just make sure you produce high-quality content that is actually relevant to your audience.

Got any ideas? You could interview industry experts on anything relevant to the field. People will always tune to hear from pros in the industry.

Do you know someone with lightning charisma? You could simply get them to talk with their work buddies about anything to get your audience downloading your podcast.


3. Create a YouTube Channel

Everyone's watching YouTube!

Did you know that more than twice as many young people watch YouTube than they did around four-years previously? YouTube continues to be one of the best ways the younger generation entertains itself.

Why not learn how to tap into the YouTube audience yourself? You'll need to invest in the right equipment to produce excellent quality videos for your audience.

But, if you have an affable and confident host (and co-host) to hold everything together, you'll quickly grow your audience. Remember, you can always post your videos on your website as well.

Video is already taking over from blogs. People don't want to read everything online. It's much easier to simply watch a clip.

Make sure your YouTube descriptions are SEO-optimized to maximize the number of people watching your videos.

4. Conduct a Social Media Poll

Are you struggling with new content for your website? You don't have to always wait for a trendy topic to emerge itself.

You can create your own content with a poll on social media. Facebook and Twitter give you the tools to post polls to ask your audience any question you want.

When you breakdown the answers into multiple choice, you can design some interesting graphics that impress your audience. After all, images always do well!

Is there a question everyone in your industry has been wondering about for a while? Are you eager to find out the answer to a fascinating question?

Just ask your audience on social media to ignite the debate. You could even find that your poll is Retweeted or Shared to grow your audience even more.

5. Q and A With an Industry Professional

If you want people to engage with your content, you need to get a star name on your website to drive traffic to your website.

People will simply flock to your website in order to hear what the celebrity name or famous figure has to say about the most recent trends in the industry.

You can either ask for an interview and write up the feature yourself. This requires a lot of writing skills and the ability to keep your audience focused.

But, you could make it simpler. Just send over a set of questions for your interviewee to answer themselves. They can just send you everything back.

This quick turnaround can allow you to publish the post on your website within a few days.

Q and A

6. Answer Your FAQs

Do you get sick and tired of answering the same questions over and over?

Your audience is often too lazy to find the answer themselves. That's why they'll simply shoot you an email or send you a message on Instagram to find out the answer.

But, what if you could simply direct any inquiry to the same webpage. Every company website needs to include an FAQ page.

This is also a great way to send your audience to other webpages on your blog. Make sure you remember to include SEO keywords so your FAQs show up on search engines.

7. Spread the Word on Your E-Newsletters

Do you already send your mailing list audience an e-newsletter?

This could be anything from every week to on a monthly basis. But, that's valuable content that you shouldn't simply forget about once you send it to your audience.

You can always reuse this content on your website. Have you summarized industry news in your newsletter? Why not add this to your website as well.

Not everyone wants to sign up for a regular newsletter. But, that doesn't mean that they wouldn't want to follow your news on your website.


8. Write an Online Review

Over 84 percent of people say that they trust online reviews. You can build your reputation with your audience by writing reviews yourself.

Consumers are overwhelmed by the information out there. You can make everything simple for them with a guide to buying anything relevant to your industry.

You could review products and services that would be of interest to your audience. Give a star rating system to make it simple as well.

If you believe a product is genuinely worthy of your audience parting with their hard-earned cash, then you could even promote it yourself. Through affiliate marketing, you'll also be able to raise revenues by digging up any product that you believe your audience should buy with links.

Do you want to discover more about getting your product or service reviewed? Check out everything you need to know on our website here.

9. Put Together a Listicle

Do you think that your audience is reading every word in your articles? You're totally mistaken.

Unless you have run web analytics of what happens on your website, you won't know that people don't stick around for long on your webpages.

You need to find ways to allow your audience to skim through articles. Over half of your readers spend less than 15 seconds per article.

When you write a listicle, you allow your audience to easily skim through the content without needing to read every word.

The most popular listicles include “The Top Ten” or “Step-by-Step guides” that give your audience the low-down on something without going too wordy.

10. An Interesting Opinion Piece

The internet is packed with other people's opinions. Why don't you lend your voice to the debate on industry matters?

If you want to build your reputation in your industry, then you're going to need to show that you have the knowledge and insight.

By producing interesting opinion pieces you can engage your audience in another way. But, remember, the opinion pieces could also be from other bloggers.

Invite industry specialists or outside experts to write something for your website in which they give their take on the issue of the day.

More Great Ideas for Creative Content

It's not always easy to come up with actionable ideas for your website. Every week, you need to think of other ways to invent creative content to grow your audience.

And yet, remember there are tons of ideas out there for you to set yourself apart from the crowd. From guest blogging to listicles, you can impress your audience with the variety of outstanding content you produce.

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Author: Hudson Piccini

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