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Top 10 Forklift Review 2018

 Forklift /Overall RatingLoad CapacitySpeed (full load)Max Incline
Komatsu FG15HT-20 3,500 LBS11.8 MPH35%Yes- Offers This Service
Toyota 8FGU18 3,500 LBS11.5 MPH45%Yes- Offers This Service
Toyota 8FGU153,000 LBS11.5 MPH45%Yes- Offers This Service
Nissan PFU505,000 LBS11.8 MPH33%Yes- Offers This Service
Nissan PFD505,000 LBS11.8 MPH31%Yes- Offers This Service
Toyota 8FGCU20 4,000 LBS11.8 MPH41%Yes- Offers This Service
Nissan CF353,500 LBS10.9 MPH38%Yes- Offers This Service
Mitsubishi FG18N3,858 LBS11.8 MPH23%Yes- Offers This Service
Toyota 8FDU15 3,500 LBS11.8 MPH45%Yes- Offers This Service
Mitsubishi FD25N3,306 LBS11.8 MPH26%Yes- Offers This Service
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Tips on Buying New and Used Forklifts & Lift Trucks

Be it a gas/diesel forklift or an electric forklift they are a very handy piece of equipment for your business. They are able to move large and bulky loads easily and carry heavy loads around a factory or warehouse floor. They come in a variety of sizes and load carrying capacities and there will be one that is perfect for your business. Forklifts are used at distribution centers, to unload deliveries from trucks, moving timber and lumber around a timber yard and to move items around factories on a daily basis. Some businesses use them all shift long and all day long. Only stopping to be refueled and for the driver to take a break.

Forklifts are made by several manufacturers and come with a range of features. Clark Forklift and TCM Forklift are some of the more common brands and other suppliers are Big Joe, Cat, Mitsubishi and Crown forklifts.  Brand and price has little relation to the reliability of your machine. Top of the range models are better suited to harsh conditions and can have a longer life expectancy in the work place. They can also be technologically advanced. They come in a variety of sizes that will suit the normal sized aisle of 11 feet and wider. Some warehouses may only have aisles that are eight to ten feet wide to save on space and these will need a NA or narrow aisle model. Still yet other businesses may have aisles only six feet wide and these will need a VNA or very narrow aisle forklift model. The VNA models have a lifting mechanism at 90 degrees to the body so they travel down the aisles and pick up pallets from the side.

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The best tip for purchasing a forklift is to look at the surface the forklift will be travelling over. The tires are often matched to the fuel that powers the forklift. There are three different tires that are available and are rated for different applications on different surfaces.

  • Cushion tires-these are made from rubber and are solid and are ideal for working inside warehouses and factories. These are mostly found on electric machines that only work indoors.
  • Solid pneumatic tires-are a cross between a pneumatic tire and a cushion tire and are used in applications where there is high possibility of punctures to the tires. Areas with a lot of nails or glass like recycling or manufacturing businesses. They are also suitable for outside work. Forklifts are mainly fueled by diesel or gasoline and sometimes gas.
  • Pneumatic tires-these are like the tires on our cars and are inflated with compressed air and ideal for outdoor work over uneven ground. These are powered by gas, diesel and gasoline.

Another tip is to look at after sales service and support that is supplied with the forklift. Look for a brand that has local service representatives so your down time is kept to a minimum. You don’t want to have wait four or five hours for a service rep to come out to look at your machine.

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