Step By Step Instructions For Tying any Tie

If you forgot how to tie a shirt neck tie you're not alone. Everyday one of the top online searches from millions of people are for instructions on how to tie a necktie and from the Windsor Knot (or half windsor) , to the Eldredge knot, or even the Trinity Knot we've covered them all. The infographic below can help you and will make it simple with a colorful diagram explaining the process clearly step by step to tying the latest most modern looking knots. These are not the one's granddaddy tied back in the 50's, and you don't need a Dummies book for this because you'll be ready and looking great  in seconds.

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There are several ways to tie a knot in your necktie but most people don't know that a good tie makes it easier to produce a crisp and professional clean look. A video explaining the process with directions and illustrations wont needed if you use the above masterpiece that is sure to get you noticed at the office, club, and everywhere else.

Author: mcynar

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