Is Hydroxycut Safe and What Are The Side Effects?

Hydroxycut User ReviewsWeight loss is a huge topic in America and both men and woman will try nearly any product to get rid of fat. One of the newest popular supplements on the market is called Hydroxycut which promises to give you an extreme energy boost and lose weight and unwanted pounds. The product contains Alchemilla vulgaris, wild olive extract, Komijn, and wild mint extract. We compared what people were saying about this product and thought we’d share it and post a review on our findings.

Is Hydroxycut Safe? One thing to keep in mind is the supplement industry is not required to show that their products are safe or effective before selling them. Back in 2009 there were some ingredients that caused health problems and the company recalled all the products and removed the ingredients in question by the FDA. Supposedly the product is now safe and there are no longer any ingredients that are unsafe for consumption.

What’s in Hydroxycut?  Below is the label on the supplement showing the facts for a single serving size of 2 capsules. If you have problems with Caffeine anhydrous, coleus extract, green coffee extract then this may not be for you. But the ingredient appear to be safe for dieting purposes.

Hydroxycut ingredients

Does Hydroxycut Work For Weight Loss? There are a few studies that have shown that the key ingredients in most Hydroxycut products safely promote weight loss. The company website boast a number of men and woman giving their personal testimonies of losing between 34 lbs to 54 lbs and they describe themselves as having tried many other products in the past, non of which worked, but that Hydroxy cut was effective at getting rid of unwanted pounds.

In one study, participants took the Hydroxycut that included caffeine for 8 weeks while at the same time they were cutting down on their calorie intake. They reported an average of 16.5 pounds lost.

In a different study that lasted three months, participants taking the key ingredients that are in Hydroxycut lost about 20 pounds.Not bad for  such a short period of time compared to most products on the market.

Conclusion: Of course we’re not doctors and we do not recommend taking any supplements without first consulting with your doctor, especially if you have any health concerns. From what we read the product appears to be safe for consumption and does in fact help with weight loss and fat burning.

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