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Best Aerial Lifts Review 2015When it comes to finding Addressing Equipment, comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

Below you will find information and reviews of the best addressing equipment including, user reviews, buying tips, and an easy to use system for getting the best price from companies in your area.

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What to Consider When Researching Addressing Equipment

The novelty of handwriting mailing address is a luxury that business owners no longer have time for. There are more pressing issues that require the attention of businesses and organization, most of which are already budgeting their time to maximize productivity. In the interest of productivity, businesses are relying on addressing equipment and software to continue to automate smaller tasks.

Addressing Equipment

When selecting addressing equipment and software, consider the following key questions:

  1. Do you know the type of address and label needs your business has?
  2. Do you prefer to use addressing equipment or would you rather opt for software?
  3. Are there any other tangible mailing needs that might affect which system you use?

Addressing Equipment

When it comes to addressing equipment, there are many different varieties of machines. The variety of options allows companies to customize how they send out mail.

Laser Addressing Equipment

Laser addressing equipment is unparalleled in the quality of graphics it can produce. Laser address systems are also user-friendly and quick and easy to setup. However, these systems might not be the best option for companies with high volume needs, as they’re slow to print, have low feed capacity and are also limited in their ability to adjust to a range of envelope sizes.

Laser Addressing Equipment

Table Top Addressing Equipment

There are two varieties of table top addressing systems: those with a feeder and those without. Having the attached feeder means that users have limited height space in which to use the table top feeder; mail pieces cannot go higher than the built-in feeder. Users must also use the built in feeder, whereas table top feeders without a fixed head means that users can attach customized feeders. Deciding which option to go with will depend on the frequency at which a company needs to scale up or down on the size of their mailing pieces.

Addressing Software

For tech-savvy businesses that have more demanding needs to produce bulk-mailing pieces, there is the option of using a professional addressing software. The computer software can handle large volumes of mail that usually rely on a database to source contact information. It is a more intuitive approach to delivering print communications, which also helps a company ensure postal codes are validated so there is a lower rate of returned mail. Addressing software also hosts pre-set formatting guides, which makes it possible to easily work with different envelope sizes.

Addressing Software

When considering addressing software, it is also recommended for businesses adopt an addressing management software such as Experian or Satori Software. Both choices feature contact management that enables the integrated capture of contact information.

A final factor to consider for your addressing needs is the ability to verify address. Pitney Bowes, the leader in small business and enterprise mailing solutions, hosts a Spectrum Universal Addressing Module that enables businesses to verify address through a reliable and efficient address verification software. Users can verify postal addresses in the U.S., Canada and in over 220 other countries worldwide. The software is particularly useful for larger businesses and call centers.

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Top Addressing Equipment Reviews

  Product NameTable Top?Compare Features & Prices
5 Star ReviewAccufast PMx PrinterAccufast PMxCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewRena Imager 4.0 PrinterRena Envelope Imager XT 4.0Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewSecap Jet1 PrinterSecap Jet 1Red X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
5 Star ReviewRena Imager 3.0 PrinterRena Envelope Imager XT 3.0
Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewRena Imager III PrinterRena Imager IIICheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewAccufast P8 PrinterAccufast P8Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4.5 Star ReviewSecap 30 PrinterSecap 30KNFOCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4 Star ReviewRena XPS Promail PrinterRena XPS-Promail SystemRed X - Vendors Does Not Offer ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4 Star ReviewAccufast P4 PrinterAccufast P4Check - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices
4 Star ReviewHJ510C Address PrinterHJ510C Hasler IncCheck - Yes, Vendor Offers This ServiceCompare Features and Prices

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