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A quality air compressor is a machine that consists of a tank that contains pressurized air, a hose, and a gas or electric-powered engine that is used to instantly compress air so it can be converted to kinetic energy. The compressed air is released in bursts and is used to power various types of tools, or to deliver air itself to an inflatable device. While compressed air from devices can be used to clean things by blowing dirt or debris away, this can be dangerous, and in some situations, it is illegal due to the risk of injury. Some people do, however, use compressed air from an aerosol can for small, low-pressure cleaning tasks, like cleaning off a computer keyboard.

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When you are considering buying a residential, commercial, or industrial air compressor there are some decisions you need to make first. The Best Air Compressors are supplied in three grades, commercial, contractor, and consumer. Commercial and industrial tanks are rated for the highest pressure, contractors are lower pressure and consumer are small, light tank-free units for home use. Commercial units use a rotary screw system and contractor units use pistons, both have a tank to store the compressed air. When the pressure in the tank drops, the motor starts and builds up the pressure again. The settings for adjusted by the user to a specific level. There are two types of piston compressors, a single-stage or a two-stage system. The compact compressor does not have a storage tank and is small and light.

Industrial air compressor

An internal review suggests that the most popular manufactures today are Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors, Dewalt, Husky, Craftsman, and Hausfield compressors. While the most common tank size tends for a 30-gallon tank many people will elect to go with the 60 or gallon tanks for bigger workloads.

The rotary screw compressor is for large commercial uses that need a lot of air that can be produced cheaply. Many professional garages and factories use these to run high-powered tools such as sandblasters and powder coaters. They have two grooved rotating screws that compress air as it moves through the grooves on the screws. They are the quietest and most efficient system.

In a piston style compressor the motor builds up pressure in the storage tank until the specified level is reached then it shuts off. When the pressure drops, the motor starts again and builds up pressure. A single-stage compressor is used for lower pressures below 150 pounds per square inch (psi) and is classed as a light-duty product. The stage system is found on heavy-duty and commercial-style compressors for higher pressure levels. The first piston compresses air and then pushes it through a valve to the next piston which compresses the air again before passing it to the storage tank. The two-stage unit is better suited to continuous operation such as in a workshop situation.

Best Commercial Air Compressor

A compact air compressor is usually portable and does not have a storage tank so the motor runs continuously. These are best suited for the home environment such as blowing up tires and sports equipment.

One tip to consider when buying a top air compressor is what it will be used for and the duty cycle. It is no good buying a single-piston system and then discovering it won’t have sufficient pressure to run your equipment. So consideration of the horsepower of the motor and the psi it can build up is important. If you need a duty cycle of more than 60% you need a rotary screw compressor.

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Another suggestion is the cost of energy used to run the air compressor. For the home user, most of the compact compressors can be run on a 12-volt car battery or are plugged into mains power. For contractors and commercial users, the costs go into their overheads and need to be considered.

Best air compressor

1. Single-stage air compressors are ones that only have one piston which compresses and sends air to the tank. The single-stage system is generally only found on light-duty air compressors that have a maximum rating of 150 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi). Single-stage compressors are adequate for most home uses.

2. Two-stage compressors will have two pistons that will compress and send air to the tank. The first piston rapidly compresses the air and pushes it through a check valve to the second piston. The second piston compresses the air even more and sends it to the compressor's storage tank. The two-stage system will be used for commercial heavy-duty compressors with maximum ratings above 150 psi.

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