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Blowtherm Review | Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

For Industrial Paint Booths

Every engineering design improvement Blowtherm incorporates is for the benefit of our customer to include ease of operation, lower operating costs, greater functionality, increased performance or productivity, superior components, and environmentally conscious enhancements that help extend the life and longevity of the system.

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810 N Grove Road
Richardson TX 75081

Glass door panels, glass walls, wider vehicle entrance, upgraded control panels, premium lighting, controlled air zones, 100% efficient burners for “0” ZERO NOX burners (necessary to meet AQMD compliance as insisted in California) or low NOX and CO2 emissions, flash-off and curing, storage for the operator and much more.

VFD’s and advanced LED lighting are both standard* on Blowtherm spray booth systems. Other “standards” on Blowtherm models include but are in no way limited to glass wall panels, total glass vehicle entry, and exit doors zoned airspeed and locking storage cabinet with air hose reel.

• Insulated AMU (air make-up unit) – Insulated AMUs prevents heat loss and lowers DB (decibel) ratings ensuring no or very low noise level during operation.
• Extra-wide, glass frontal vehicle entry door – A wider vehicle entry door, coupled with 4-wing glass frontal, helps to eliminate turning radius issues with larger vehicles, giving the flexibility to service far more vehicle types.
• Color-corrective, high-illumination LED lighting throughout the cabin – The number of bulbs (wall and hip), vary by cabin size. Using high-efficiency 125 candlepower (which equals approximately 1,571 lumens) is vastly recommended.• Filter monitoring system – Blowtherm booths come standard with a proactive alert system that alarms the operator when the pre or post-intake bag filters need to be changed.

Estimated Annual Sales: $2.7 Million
Employee Size: 20+
Year Business Started: 1956
Principal: Mark Miller, National Manager

Features buyers are looking for today when shopping for Blowtherm paint booths?

Each shop, dealership, collision repair center, or MSO may have a different client base with specific criteria that influence their spray booth requirements. The culmination of features could range from obvious size, power requirement, control panel, airspeed(s), drive motor(s), burner system, intake and exhaust filtration, etc. However, an educated or experienced shopper will dissect a paint booth’s features all the way down to the most minor details. This may include door hinges, light wiring harnesses, umbilical cord plugs, and hardware. Why so meticulous? Because this capital investment needs to meet all of these objectives:

• Increased production
• Quality and/or cleaner finish
• Waterborne curing
• Reliability
• Energy savings
• Sustainability for the prolonged overall life of the booth

The biggest mistake to avoid is a lack of due diligence, education, and research. All spray booths are not alike. Taking the time to truly evaluate component differences by spray booth manufacturer is imperative. Comparing spray booth system quotes, ensuring all of the necessary features discussed prior to purchase are put in writing, is key. Spray booth system quotes are detailed and cumbersome for a purpose. Each component on that quote provides a critical function to the performance or production of the system. The peril of forgoing this apples-to-apples exercise could lead to quality, reliability or booth longevity issues … which will be a far more costly mistake in the long run.

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Blowtherm Review