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When it comes to finding Cabling and Wiring Services comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We've gathered information on the top 10 cable and wire installers, user reviews, and buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.


Before you make a purchase be sure to download a  free in-depth buyers guide for cabling and wire installations and get a side by side comparison chart. Simply tell us what your needs are (less than 1 minute), then download your chart to review critical features about prepping, types of cabling (i.e. Cat 5, 5e), how to choose a vendor, and then get matched with top suppliers who can offer you competitive price quotes in minutes. Get Your Buyers Guide and Compare Prices Now

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Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need factoring service prices please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business.

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Cabling and Wiring Services Buying Guide Reviews

Whether you're nearing the end stages of constructing a new office or updating your existing telephone system and/or computer network, there's one headache on the horizon that many people and businesses fail to adequately plan for: the purchase and installation of new cabling and wiring. Get the right helping hand, though, and that headache will become a thing of the past.


Good buying advice to get you started:

  1. Don't Hire Just Anyone to Take Care of Your Cabling and Wiring

Running cables and wires doesn't seem like that difficult of a task, and many businesses make the mistake of trying to cut costs by doing this job themselves or hiring cheap, inexpert labor to get it done. The upfront cost savings this presents will almost certainly cost you in the long run, though; unless you only have two or three computers, phones, and other devices you need to be hooked up, you'll quickly find that the complexity of the job requires expert attention.

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Think about it: running a cable to one computer or wiring a single telephone might be simple, but interconnect that with another in-office device and make sure it connects properly to the outside world, and you've more than doubled the job's requirements. Five devices and you've got 15 in-office interconnections plus power and outside communications to worry about. Cabling and wiring jobs get exponentially more complicated the larger they get, so do yourself a favor and hire trained professionals.

  1. Don't Underestimate Your Cable and Wiring Needs

First, know that the primary cost driver for cabling and wiring services is the number of “drops” or connections you'll need. This is what increases the complexity and time involved, so this is what professional installers will be charging you for. The amount and type of cable and wiring you need will also be part of the cost, though, but make sure you don't skimp just to save a quick buck.

Weigh the cost of higher-capability cabling against the improved speeds and reliability they can provide—are frequent interruptions or delays in communications worth the savings of lower-cost materials?

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  1. Do Seek the Advice of a Professional in the Planning Stages

Not only should you let the real professionals handle the installation of your cabling and wiring, but you should also seek out their advice when you're planning your project—and listen to it during implementation. Get multiple opinions if you want, but don't try to determine what sort of data loads your voice and computer network cables will need to handle unless you have specific education and training in this area. It's more high-tech than it may seem, and you don't want to find yourself entangled in a mess of incomplete projects and unnecessary purchases.

For new construction or existing upgrade, leave the cabling and wiring to the pros. You'll have far fewer headaches both during and after the project's completion.

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