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8365 Keystone Crossing #103
Nora, IN 46240
(317) 849-1106


Overall Review: Top 10 Postage Meter Dealer



What We Know About Hasler, Inc

Mailing Systems, Postage Meters, Addressing Systems

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The Hasler name is well recognized in North America for its broad line of innovative, cost-effective mailing and shipping systems and mail support equipment.   For nearly a century, Hasler has been synonymous with precision engineering and extraordinary quality. Every Hasler product is fully supported by a continent-wide network of Hasler independent dealers and direct-sales locations, each with an established position in their communities and each providing an unmatched level of sales, service, supplies and support to their customers.

Estimated Annual Sales: $5 Million +
Employee Size: 100+
Year Business Started: 1945
Credit Score: A+
Principal: Kathy Smith, President

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