APS Payroll Reviews and Complaints

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APS Payroll Review

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One Texas Centre
415 Texas St, Ste 400
Shreveport, LA 71101
spacerThe Good: APS is very customizable and reports are easy to run and there are many helpful ones that are in the system. Additionally, you can create custom reports to suit any need.

The Bad:
Submitting a batch can be difficult and you will need to call in batches every pay period. The system also lacks a save button for changes.

Ranking 10 of 10
spacerTop 10 Best Rated:
Intuit (Quickbooks)
Fuse Workforce Management (formerly ProPayroll)
Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll)

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APS Review:

The reporting functionality in the APS online payroll service is one of the best in the business. Customers desire this type of leading-edge reporting that allows them to create custom reports containing only the exact information they need at any point in their payroll cycle. This is why an APS review easily places them among the best online payroll services on the market today.

APS takes the security of its clients very seriously. Their rigid security protocols should give any client confidence that their financial data is being protected by the company, without ever posing an inconvenience.

In addition to allowing business owners to utilize APS’s class-leading reporting features, there are also features that allow employees to get the information they need when they need it. There are myriad situations where staffers might need access to their payroll data, and with APS Payroll, they’re able to do so without jumping through the hoops involved in submitting requests to your HR department. Not to mention, this is going to save time on your end, putting the power back in the hands of your staff, which is exactly where it should be, given that it is ultimately their information being accessed.

Consumer Reviews:

“I chose APS Payroll for all our payroll processing for our initial location of a nationwide franchise business. The team at APS has been able to resolve each and every business or regulatory issue encountered in the two years we have operated our business. I especially like the customized and friendly service we receive. APS worked closely with us as we launched the second location of our franchise just one month ago. The rollout of our new location was completely seamless and pain-free. I highly recommend them.” – Mack M.
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APS Payroll Reviews and Complaints