How Do Postage Meters Work?

More than ever companies are investing in postage meters for the office because the help save the office money, time, and make mailing office documents far easier (and faster). Still, there are many people that are not fully aware of how postage meters work to cut expenses and save them time, and for this reason they’re still running back and forth the USPS to purchase stamps and mail packages. Can you say Flintstones?
A postage meter is an amazing tool for businesses that prints an official USPS mark or signature on a letter, package, or parcel to indicate that postage has been paid or does not need to be paid. The postage machine can also remove a lot of human effort such as weighing packages, folding letters, sealing envelopes, and even verifying valid addresses and zip codes. Some postage meters can mail upward of 20,000 packages an hour with nearly no human intervention.
Below is a postage meter with a diagram of its parts, accessories, and features.

Diagram of Parts to a Postage Meter

How Much Money Can a Postage Meter Save My Business?

For starters, as of January 26th , the USPS will give you a discounted rate on your mailing and postage just because you use a postage meter, which oftentimes can be acquired at little or no cost. In fact Pitney Bowes stated that they estimate their North America customers alone were currently saving at least $50 million a year with their postage meters. Rental services fees can cost as little as $25 a month for a high quality mailing solution, and an office mailing as little as 40 – 200 pieces a week can quickly save as much $3,000 or more a year. The savings are not just in the discounts – the big saving are in the reduction of human labor costs and the time it takes to take a job to completion. This is especially true for companies with high volume billing, rebills, and direct mail campaigns. It is indisputable that postage meters are now a necessity for any office with monthly mailing exceeding 30-40 packages.
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