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    Please Note: Our suppliers cannot assist with requests for displays, carts, or stands intended to sell or display physical products or food. This page is intended for businesses searching for electronic kiosks (which typically resemble ATMs) only.

Top Outdoor Kiosk, Retail Kiosks, Ticketing, Informational, & ATM Kiosks – Buyers Guide

Outdoor Kiosk ReviewAn Interactive Kiosk is a computer-based device that allows people to choose from a range of services and information using touch screen information Kiosks. They can be located outdoors,  in retail stores, airports, bus stations, cafeterias in workplaces, libraries, and other people where people pass through or are waiting. A kiosk can be programmed by you or kiosk manufacturers for a variety of tasks such as surfing the web, accessing your emails, buying phone recharges, and other specific items. They are not like using a PC but can offer a range of services that are easy to access in a variety of places. They can be used as a check-in at airports, gift registries at large department stores, pay-per-use computers in internet cafes, and much more. An interactive kiosk gives people access to self-service tools that would otherwise be unavailable in that location.

An Advertising Kiosk can be a standalone model that connects to power and phone lines or uses Wi-Fi access for the internet or it can be as simple as a tablet that allows workers to log in and check emails or be on a beauty counter and offer you skincare and beauty advice. They can be protected from heavy knocks in factories by being placed in metal surrounds or be in customized cases o complement the service offered like that at a beauty or perfume counter.

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All Touch Screen Kiosks feature the same elements, a screen, a computer system, space for advertising, and a case. Even a tablet contains all these features, in a compact space though. So the size of the kiosk is determined by where it is going to be placed. You want people to know it is there so signage above is a good idea and you want to let people know exactly what it does. Each kiosk will have three software systems: operational software, application software, and management software.

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Kiosk Make / ModelOverall RatingDisplayInterface
SERASERA - L55H7M-T25 Stars Rating55.0" LCDUSBCompare Reviews and Pricing
Peerless KP555-ABPeerless KP555-AB5 Stars Rating55.0" LCDUSBCompare Reviews and Pricing
Star Micronics AsuraCPRNTStar Micronics AsuraCPRNT5 Stars Rating7.0" LCDUnknownCompare Reviews and Pricing
Algo 8036 SIP Interactive Kiosk Top 10 ReviewAlgo 8036 SIP5 Stars Rating5.7" VGAWebCompare Reviews and Pricing
Display Werks  KioskDisplay Werks 4050-TU-400CXN2-4D5 Stars Rating40.0" LCDUSBCompare Reviews and Pricing
DT Research WebDTDT Research WebDT5 Stars Rating8.9" LCDWebCompare Reviews and Pricing
AOpen Warm Touch - WT22M-RH Kiosk ReviewsAOpen Warm Touch - WT22M-RH5 Stars Rating21.5" LEDUSBCompare Reviews and Pricing
Elo Interactive 3201L KioskElo Interactive 3201L5 Stars Rating32.0" LEDUnknownCompare Reviews and Pricing
Star Micronics ASR ReviewStar Micronics ASR5 Stars Rating7.0" LCDUSBCompare Reviews and Pricing
ViewSonic CD4230T Interactive Kiosk ReviewViewSonic CD4230T5 Stars Rating42.0" LCDUSBCompare Reviews and Pricing
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One tip when looking at purchasing a kiosk to install is to decide on what you want it to do and to find the right software that enables you to carry it out. You also want the software and the hardware to have after-sales service and support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so there is little downtime if there is a problem. You will also need to identify the users of the kiosk and think about what they are looking for.

Common Uses and Digital Kiosk Types:

Advertising Kiosks, Bank Kiosks, Airport Kiosks, Mall Kiosks, Digital Photo Kiosks, Ticketing, Point of Sale, Retail Marketing, Internet Access, Financial Service, Trade Shows, HR, Educational Use, Digital Photos, Government Use, Outdoor, ATM

Another tip if you are starting out to add a kiosk is to start small and get a kiosk so you can add extra features later on. This way you are not getting in over your head and will soon have an interactive kiosk giving people the services they want in that location.

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Indoor / Outdoor Kiosk Review – Retail, Ticketing, and Informational

Interactive Kiosk Review

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